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  1. First cycle advice

    Old post but since its been bumped anyway... ....Studies show taking supraphysiological doses of test will build muscle and lose bodyfat just sitting on your arse. Of course, "optimising" diet and training will tend to greatly accelerate and accentuate any gainz. But, taking drugs aside, this idea of "optimisation" is hardly a healthy mindset in itself.
  2. Capes Medical Supplies have reasonable prices, and pretty much everything you could want.
  3. SARMS

    Maybe, maybe, ostarine during PCT. LGD, no, itll inhibit hPTA recovery. Ostarine may as well but at a low dose (5mg or less) your LH/FSH recovery shouldnt be impacted. Only problem (or risk) is that its possible your ostarine may not be ostarine at all. Personally, if Im going to use drugs during PCT Id prefer a SERM (clomid, or torem, or better yet enclomiphene) and/or an AI (exem).
  4. Sensitive Estradiol Test

    Hmm, I didnt think any e2 tests were available in NZ by patient request, but only via your doctor. At least at SCL centres.
  5. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Iherb is good but generally Ive found better deals at Swansons.
  6. DHEA in pct ?

    The studies Ive seen, DHEA will have next to no impact on the hPTA. If you enjoy the feelz it can give, Id go for it. A growing trend now is to use clomid or torem on-cycle to minimise suppression, and it seems to work (depending on the AAS compound/s being used). If clomid can still be beneficially effective when used with AAS, it sure as hell will still work how you want when used with something tame like DHEA. Ive found DHEA is most effective as either a TD or sublingual.
  7. No pct after cycle

    If get e2 tested as well as lh/fsh, then again after a course of a SERM. You may need to use an AI with that clomid.
  8. I know this is old, but Kruse Butler is a good dude. Based in Jville Cityfitness. He's competed so knows whats involved getting low bfat.
  9. Snap Fitness costs

    They tend to charge 99$ joining fee, 49$ access card fee, and 15$ per wk ongoing fee.