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  1. No pct after cycle

    Hi guys I’ve just gone back to the doctors for bloodwork unfortunately they wouldn’t test my estrogen but they’ve tested my testosterone and thyroid and said they will go from there really there pretty hopless you when you try tell them but they called me today and told me my liver enzymes are a little elevated and my iron is high apart from that I’m going in Friday for them to run me threw the rest of the results in person I feel like my sex drive is slowly coming back in little bursts here and there...I’ve been on a cut the last 3months witch has been so hard with low t lost a lot of weight but the lower stomach just won’t budge cardio and diets all in check
  2. Hi guys new to this forum last year I did a test e cycle at 500mg a week for 16-20 weeks without any pct because of it being quite hard to get in New Zealand I stoped at the end of December and was fine untill March and then lost all my sex drive and well being etc to this day I still feel no sex drive or anything got my levels checked at docs and my test was 8 out of 30 so one the low end of normal they didn’t seem to care at all just wanting to know what’s my best bet of doing now pct with some hcg ? Or another cycle then run a proper pct cheers from chch..