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  1. Question about Stronglift programme

    did you gain the intended size? Im thinking of getting a trainer to spot me lol, alot of my barbell fears are due to not having a spotter. But I dont know if a trainer will accept me doing a plan thats not his and do my own stuff. All the trainers Ive worked with have me squatting, benching and overhead pressing once a week. I did gain little strength but no where near the amount of what i hear people achieving with programs like stonglifts and starting strength. Like I got my bench up to 145 for 5 in like 8 months of training regularly and eating at maintenance (skinny fat here :/ )
  2. Im a newbie, I was thinking to do a dumbbell only programme but Im sorta confused atm. I know barbell training is superior but is stronglifts the best programme to do if you want an asthetic bulky body? I also read about fierce 5 which seems to have more excercises. how long can a begginner run stronglifts?
  3. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    damn man, I really love dumbell training as I feel I can do it safely alone. Was really excited about training :( lol I have to rethink things.
  4. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Im now thinking to get a p.t but I dont know how to spot a bad one, most of them like to hit all bodyparts once a week in my experience, I can probably do ICF and tell him to watch my form and spot me etc.
  5. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    your physique seems great if thats you in the dp, can it be achieved with dbs?
  6. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    I dont know, i appointed a p.t back in 16/17 I got but bench up to 144 for 5 reps and squat well I had issues with my form throughout the year so that to was around 140 for 10 reps but I looked the same, I dont think I can trust a p.t again and dumbells seem a safe option and I really enjoy using dumbells.
  7. I have bought dumbells from 5-50 kg and I can buy till 80 kg. (money is not an issue), I love working with dumbells, I dont know why lol. But will dumbells, a pull up bar and a bench be enough for a physique I can be proud of? Oh and after 25 kg I have dumbells that have a 5kg increase(30,35,40 you get it), do I hit 15 reps then increase weights?