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  1. We’ll see how we go if I can get my hands on nolva I’d prefer to be safe than sorry... if not well im tapering off haha, week 10 11 and 12 taper down from 500 then 250 then 125 then off? If I can gain a decent 7-8kgs I’ll be stoked 😊
  2. When you taper down off the test, do you run nolva after completely dropping off test ? Iv read in a few places about tapering off if it’s just test only cycle. Anywhere on American forums though it’s hcg this nolva that clomid this lol
  3. Yeah I’m aware nutrition and training are the key to maximising results, also the effects it’ll have. If I actually end up finding a coach and a source haha I’d like to just stick to the basic 2 x 250mg test e shots/week arimidex on hand if need be iv read mixed articles everywhere about this and most say you don’t really need to start using arimidex straight off the bat for first cycle just see how your body reacts first if yah start gaining bloat and water I’ll dose at .5 twice a week ... I’ve also read nolva alone is sufficient enough for pct no need for nolva and clomid for basic test e cycle ..?
  4. Hey just curious as to how many of you did your first cycle all on your own ? Or did you guys get coached throughout your first ? Thinking about doing my first cycle and just want to get the most out of it so seeing what the general consensus is..