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  1. First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    Not a typo bro haha. ended up with 215/130/230 and 575kg total videos are all on my instagram @isaaclee_fitness
  2. It's about average price for 6 months, but it covers, exercise programming, nutrition and buisness planning. I think its a good price as most REPS accredited personal training programs will take 1-3years so you become qualified at a high level quite fast.
  3. I'm doing the a 6 month personal training course at the moment called "New Zealand certificate in exercise level 4" it is REPS accredited so an international qualification and costs about 3k.
  4. First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    Thanks for the advice, i might have a lower opener on squats as i dont want to tire myself out for bench and deads.
  5. First GPC powerlifting meet at 16

    Ill probably drop 1 or 2kgs as its a 24hr weigh in so ill be fine to to it. Im just doing it because im on the edge of the 82.5 catagory, weighing 82-83kg
  6. 260kg block pull w/straps @ 16

    OK ill try imbedding next time thanks @Pseudonym Ive been at the gym for about 2.5years but worked out for a year at home before i joined a gym.
  7. Hey im new to the forum, ill be competing at GPC Wellington Regional 3 Lift on april 15th. Ive been reading up on how to prepare for a first meet, so this is how ill be doing it: Arrive 14th for weigh in and seminar (competing in open mens under 82.5kg). Morning of 15th, medium breakfast. Bring lots of water, electrolytes and snacks. Squat attempts: 180kg 190kg 200kg-210kg depending on how im feeling Bench attempts: 120kg 130kg 135kg-140kg depending on how im feeling Deadlifts: 200kg 220kg 230kg-240kg depending on how im feeling Any help and/or tips would be appreciated Most of my training footage and prep will be on my instagram: @isaaclee_fitness