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  1. Don't go around promoting steroids. That is not the sort of advice someone needs when they're new to the gym.
  2. Admins please delete if this is not on form. We have started our own Supplement company based here in Auckland, and we are currently recruiting athletes to promote the business. The website is www.energee.co.nz We are looking to take on some male and female athletes - sponsoring with salaries and/or supplements to grow the business. Send me a message if you align to this and want to become part of the team. Cheers, Energee
  3. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Hi Guys, Have a look at my website for supplements www.energee.co.nz Use the code GYMNATION for 20% off the entire order. also 3-4 day shipping. Overnight shipping if you're based in the North Island.
  4. Hi mate. Take a look at www.energee.co.nz Have a chat with the guys online and they or i can lead you in the right direction.