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  1. Yeah seeing an endo soon, have never takeen anabolics.
  2. I'm 20 years old experiencing depression/mood swings/tiredness/ED/low libido. Several months ago my balls even shrunk, but after taking zinc/vitamin D/brazil nuts and sleeping better they're back to normal size now. I had my total T taken at that time and it was 330 ng/dl, but that was at 4pm, so my morning levels are probably closer to 400, all of which just makes me concerned I'm going to be stuck in the goldilocks zone where I'm symptomatic but can't get treatment. Has anyone here managed to get treatment (even just clomid or hcg) at this age without having like sub 100 ng/dl levels?
  3. mens clinic?

    From what I've looked at the only one I could find that even mentions it (or doesn't explicitly say "we do not offer TRT") is this one in Auckland: http://www.menshealth.co.nz/testosterone-replacement-therapy-trt/