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  1. Cheers SG, will see what happens thing week might catch up with you.
  2. Oh that was a terrible reply lol. I don't have a membership atm, have a mate whos training for a month at flexfitness so might go for a month there. In saying that, might come for a session with you Monday or Tuesday and could always sigh up at unirec instead. What do you train for? Powerlifting by the looks? Have you got a journal or would you mind letting me know what your training sort of looks like? Cheers
  3. Hey mate cheers, will let you know in the coming couple weeks
  4. Hi everyone, So I'm in Hamilton and looking to find a committed reliable training partner to start smashing some tin with. I'm happy to move gym to do so, I have a background in power lifting, best training total ~600kg just to give an idea of lifts. I'm looking for anybody who wants a reliable partner to smash some weight with, I don't mind if your a bodybuilder or a power-lifter, or a new/general gym go-er - as I'm wanting to add variety to my training, 'power building' as it's been coined. I'd probably ghost your regular sessions then throw in some power-lifting movements afterwards. Happy to train between 3-5 days a week, roughly 60-90minute sessions, after or before work doesn't matter. Send me a PM or reply here. Cheers, Phil
  5. middle finger up

    Plz log your trenning Matt
  6. Jackedsville

    dem proteus plates.. That Proteus plates are all spot on 20kg and other plates are all 2-3kg underweight... LOL WUT
  7. Gyms in New Plymouth

    three years on - how are the New Plymouth gyms shaping up?? from what I've read on this thread, I'll probably be heading to World or Inglewood. dead-lifting heavy on Wednesday in the Naki (visiting for two days) and want somewhere I can create a bit of atmosphere, or at the least not get kicked out :doh: Do World Gym and the Inglewood facilities still operate? Fine to deadlift in them?? Any info would be great, cheers.
  8. shiznick2's weightlifting log

    Are you still lifting Nick?? Please update on progress. I have heard rumors of great amounts of swole in the lats Yours in Misc, Lurker
  9. Wrist wraps

    It sounds like you need them for a specific meet, it could be worth finding out who else is going and organising to burrow someone elses on the day.
  10. shiznick2's weightlifting log

    Strong Nick is Strong!
  11. shiznick2's weightlifting log

    lol why hello mr laver. thank you for the inspiration to make this Mr. Phil is fine
  12. shiznick2's weightlifting log

    I thought the name shiznick looked suspicious... Greetings
  13. So post comp I've embarked on a new ten week program, which is the duration of Coan/Phillipi dead program, based off 215 current max and 235 max in 10 weeks. Will be evey Monday for ten weeks. I'm taking all the directly bench related work from Sheiko for bench, which is four days a week of benching, for four weeks. Squats are GVT, just doing squats to GVT rest/rep/set protocol. 10x10 @ 60% 1RM, 90 seconds rest, every Thursday for four weeks. View is to improve dead by a fair bit, keep bench steadily increasing, and iron out some imbalances with squats and put on some mass from the volume.