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  1. LOW T & TRT

    So had my latest shot, got info on the needle gauge. nurse is using 18 to draw and injectvthe reandron. i had quite a severe outcome this time, worst response for quite some time - massive bruising across the glute, swelling, couldn’t walk properly for two days etc lucky for me I had some spare codeine from earlier back pain so popped a few of those or it would have been a lot more painful, like even with codeine sitting was incredibly difficult for two days post this shot ill have a word with the nurse next time, get them to use a 21 or 23 for injecting
  2. LOW T & TRT

    To be honest I don't remember, I did ask about the gauge on my first injection but this was over a year ago - but I'll ask the nurse next time, it should be around an 18 though for drawing and injecting that they have been using for me - it hurts when it goes in but it does go in very fast. the injections were all given into the outer side of the glute to avoid the sciatic nerve
  3. Be kinda interested in this too - as far as I'm aware the E2 test done by Labtests is intended for females and not males so results may not be worth bothering for
  4. LOW T & TRT

    Oh geez, very keen to hear your thoughts on this I've never self injected anything but Reandron is easily the worst TRT to try and self inject from my own research - if you can do it yourself I'd be keen to hear your steps to do so I get a nurse to do mine, I'd had about 10 of these injections now at 10 week intervals and it doesn't get any better - they still hurt like shit every time and I can't sit properly afterwards for 2 days Daz's advice to keep the vial warm is very good, the warmer the solution the easier it will go in, you can even keep the vial near your groin to get it warm It's also interesting that you got 3 vials at once - I'd had 3 vials subscribed at once too, but the pharmacy always puts a minimum waiting period before I can collect the next. Also the first time I tried to find Reandron was a bit of a nightmare, I had to visit 5 pharmacies, eventually gave up and asked the closest one to me to just order some in. Now they always keep one for me as I collect from the same place. The impression I got is pharmacies are unlikely to carry stock of this in great numbers, either more people getting subscriptions for other esters or just not many people near me on TRT since the pharmacies around here told me they didn't stock that item
  5. Yes, I'm in my 20s and I was given TRT by an Urologist after two consecutive tests with a level of 300ng/dl and of course with certain symptoms like those you listed and more From speaking to doctors, the general advice is that Endos seem to be more reluctant to prescribe and the public health system is a no go - best thing is to see a private Urologist if you hope you get prescribed The urologist I saw was pretty open about it, he saw my results and knew it was low for my age (none of this reference range BS about being normal that you will hear from Endos, he straight up told me I have the level of a 70 year old man but also mentioned that they level could be normal for my body if I had no symptoms, he said symptoms are more important than your blood level results) asked me about my symptoms - he seemed to be think TRT was worth a try and wrote a prescription for me to try TRT and then report back if my symptoms improve, which they did
  6. low test. and HRT

    They know its in a oil solution and I have mentioned to them about doing it slower but they keep insisting that they can inject it at the speed that they can given the resistance - which to me sounds like they just press as hard as they can on the syringe and if the liquid is coming out then it means they are doing it right, lol is there a better way I need to phrase my response to them? I will use the tip to heat it up, will be especially useful in winter months - keep it near the groin for a few minutes prior or under warm water - but need to be careful as the package clearly says not to store it over 30 degrees
  7. low test. and HRT

    Partially true, unfortunately my very first reandron shot was done too close to the sciatic nerve - I had shooting pain down my leg for 3 days and couldn't sleep on my back for 2 nights - these were given by a nurse, I don't do them myself it seems too tricky due to the reccomended position Haven't had any sciatic issues since, but still get some general leg pain for 1 day after each shot and the area where the fluid goes in becomes sensitive and the muscle tissue goes hard and lumpy for a few days Part of this is because the shots are being given too fast I think, i read somewhere reandron should be delivered in around 60 seconds, but the nurses go for gold and do it in 2 or 3 seconds
  8. low test. and HRT

    Yeah Reandron is advertised as an injection you get once every 12 weeks (longest lasting I think, except maybe the testosterone pellets last longer unsure if you can get them in NZ) Yeah we monitored the results - 5 weeks after my first reandron injection my T levels were lower than before the injection lol.. its very important with reandron that you get the 2nd injection at the 6 week mark or earlier - after that its supposed to be once every 12 weeks but the doc told me that most of his patients did it every 10 weeks but he was prepared to take it down to 8 weeks if required which I tried but that was slightly too much so I decreased the frequency to every 10 weeks I think the other options won't have this issue although I've not read any studies on them - but most other injections and also patches etc the T gets into the blood very quickly. Reandron is in castor oil and injected into the muscle where it takes a long time to break down and be absorbed into the blood I only have one issue with reandron now - the injection itself, its hurts each and every time and that won't change because castor oil is thick and its 4ml that goes in, which is a lot for an injection
  9. low test. and HRT

    Does one still possibly reach a point where endogenous production of T shuts down before your exogenous supply is up to a good level, thereby having a bit (or a lot) of a slump? This happened to me with Reandron, and at first the Doc thought it means I don't need TRT lol.. I guess with quicker acting forms it should be fine (patches etc) After my first Reandron shot, about 3 days later I crashed, hard.. I suspect endogenous had shut down and unfortunately Reandron takes time to build up - I never felt so shit before, couldn't stay awake at all at work, just felt so tired and it lasted for 6 weeks. At the 6 week mark I got my 2nd shot, this is where things changed and I started to feel much better and from there it was all good - but for the first 6 weeks I did feel worse than before starting - but this tends to get supported by the studies I've briefly seen I guess it's going to come down to what your levels were before vs the level you get with that first Reandron shot
  10. How has trt effected you?

    Forgot to mention an unexpected improvement from TRT TRT improved my eyesight - has anyone else encountered this? Doc told he had one other patient say the same thing although he didn't know how TRT could improve eyesight - my own theory is the boost to energy levels means less strain for me while I'm at the computer. One of my eyes started getting blurry a couple years back - it would get really bad late afternoon going into the evening - but after starting TRT my eye sight improved back to almost perfect and I can see clearly late into the night without using glasses again, amazing stuff
  11. What TRT are you using?

    Got the 24 hour result: 22.1nmol/L or 637ng/dl But tbh this is the number I would have expected after 10 weeks without a new injection - so I suspect that even after 24 hours, little or none of the test from the new injection has entered the bloodstream unfortunately don't be able to do the 48 hour test as labtests around my area are now closed for the weekend
  12. What TRT are you using?

    There are a few options out there, interested to see what you guys are taking I got my prescribed Reandron and it's the only TRT I've tried since it worked for me straight away - I'm now averaging T levels of around 700 and doing the shots once every 10 weeks I guess some guys may be on the gel/pads and also popular is Sustanon?
  13. What TRT are you using?

    Actually I could, I have a repeat test that has what appears to be unlimited use for a year - but I suspect if I abuse it the powers at be wont be happy I'm doing everything legit so blood tests are free and the trt is prescribed
  14. Protein on a budget

    There is some pretty nasty protein powders you can get for cheap Also, eggs
  15. What TRT are you using?

    T nation Cheers for the info, you sound like a pharmacist haha I'll get some first hand evidence for you - going to check levels 24 hours after an injection, lets see how high it spikes
  16. What TRT are you using?

    I frequent one of the major American forums regarding this subject and over there they don't have access to Reandron yet and they do recommend small dose of enenthate twice a week, that does seem to be the go to protocol - but also recommended to go with it is an AI and HGH, neither of which I could get my Doc to look at, AI a no go as he wont test for E2 anyway and HGH he said was unfunded in NZ and super expensive - I do however pay attention to how I'm feeling and how my body responds to try and see if my E2 is high/low - sometimes I use T booster supps for their mild AI properties depending on these signs, e.g. I may take these supps for couple weeks if my skin starts to get oily and then stop when it dries out I didn't come across this spike you mention - at least not with NZ's conventional testosterone testing methods done by labtests. On one of my injection cycles I did blood tests once per week for 12 weeks - I didn't see a massive spike in the first week and the levels slowly dropped off each week after that Also, 1000mg doesn't hit the blood - the formula is made up of some other stuff as well, the actual amount of Testosterone I've read on various other places was I believe around 700mg per 4ml vial, even though it's advertised as 1000mg. And it must have some action of slow metabolism, if it was actually 700mg of pure T hitting the blood I'd expect huge levels, like over 100nmol/L or something crazy like that but I've never returned a blood test with a level higher than 30nmol and it generally sits between 30 and 22 nmol over the 10 weeks
  17. NZ Mens Clinic no longer doing TRT!

    I recommend you get a referral from GP to see a Urologist, they are way more open and chill than the Endos at the hospital
  18. How has trt effected you?

    Everything you said here as well as fat loss T levels were around 250-280 when I started TRT, now averaging around 700 - haven't changed gym routine much since starting but body looks way more defined, in fact I've dropped 2 pants sizes and now wear size 30 pants, lost 7kg and its pretty much all fat - first time in my life I can see my abs even though I'm actually putting in less work in the gym than I have in the past endurance is easily much improved, strength is also there but I don't aim for strength anyway - mood improvements is awesome, along with better sleep and better memory retention and libido is better. Libido is an interesting one, at first it was a gigantic improvement but then normalised over time - I found this with some of the other changes as well, with my first 2 T shots, I actually felt high, couldn't stop talking during the day so much energy I stayed awake much later into the nights and then it all starts to normalise but everything is still better than pre TRT I suppose if you're going to do cycles, then that great high feeling will be there with each shot but with TRT you don't get a break in between so your body adjusts to its new normal T levels as it wont be spiking so much anymore
  19. low test. and HRT

    I've had to do some endo education as well, their knowledge is quite limited in some aspects My endo tried to tell me we don't even need to test for E2 because TRT wont affect estrogen levels so yeah.. also told me that if you just stop trt your sperm count will go back to normal within couple months