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  1. Bench Press Shirt

    If anyone is interested I'm selling a lot of powerlifting gear here: http://www.powerhousegym.co.nz/gymforum ... 9#pid45605
  2. Finishing 2010 with volume

    I told you a long time ago to give a powerlifting programme a go. So... :haha: I told you so! Massive gains on your PBs. November 20, Powerhouse Gym...
  3. I'm the hipsquatapotamus, my deads are bottomless...

    Nationals - Week 9 of 16 - Friday Think I might be getting a cold. Good thing the volume is low today. SSB Squat +40c (no belt) 120kg x 3 @8 135kg x 3 @9 130kg x 3 @9 Bench +25c 75kg x 3 @7 85kg x 3 @8 97.5kg x 3 @9 95kg x 3 @9 RDL 3 x 140kg x 6 14 Board Press 20kg x 3 @10 Seated Row 4 x 8-10 THE END
  4. I'm the hipsquatapotamus, my deads are bottomless...

    It (along with Maria's bar) are definitely by favourite squat bars. But yeah... Not too flash for heavy deadlifts!
  5. I'm the hipsquatapotamus, my deads are bottomless...

    Reverse band mate, they make it a heck of a lot easier off the floor.
  6. I'm the hipsquatapotamus, my deads are bottomless...

    Who's Bar might that be? Well they all belong to you
  7. I'm the hipsquatapotamus, my deads are bottomless...

    awsome to hear bro, seems like youve been puttin in alot of hard mahi the last few weeks dif hopin it pays off for you bro train hard Cheers mate. I hope so too. Nationals - Week 9 of 16 - Wednesday Very little volume today. Taking it easy this week before getting into a volume block. Reverse Band Bench (minis) According to my journal this takes ~20kg off at the chest. 100kg x 3 @7 115kg x 3 @8 125kg x 3 @9.5 Elbows playing up. Left it there. Going to skip benching on Friday, give them a little time to come right. Reverse Band Deadlift Doubled light bands, giving ~60kg off the floor and nothing from just below the knee. 210kg x 3 @7 230kg x 3 @8 250kg x 3 @10 Picked the wrong bar, ripped my hands to shreds. SSB Good Morning 60kg x 5 3 x 80kg x 5
  8. Finally Total Destruction Off Red Machine Has Began

    I find the same thing, it just feels weird going deep with the suit on without them.
  9. I'm the hipsquatapotamus, my deads are bottomless...

    Nationals - Week 9 of 16 - Monday Dropping video camera 1 camera x 1 It stopped working. Thought I had stuffed it for good, get it home and try to charge it... now it's fine. But didn't get to record anything. Suited Squat 210kg x 1 @7.5 230kg x 1 @8.5 250kg x 1 @10 Massive grind on the 250kg. Felt quite weak today. Warmups were slow and the gear felt loose. I had an exam in the morning so that accounts for part of it. Not too worried though, a few weeks out of the gear to fill out the weight class and get stronger will solve those issues. I definitely feel a 272.5kg squat is achievable at Nationals. Wrapping Matt's knees 2 knees x 2 Forearm pump and foot cramp. But the second one's pretty much put his knees in plaster. 4ct Pause Bench 80kg x 1 @7 95kg x 1 @8 105kg x 1 @9 100kg x 1 @8.5 Elbow a little iffy, but easy enough. 4 count is a really long time FYI. Strict Log Press 50kg x 5 60kg x 5 2 x 50kg x 5 55kg x 4 Chin ups 5, 5, 4, 3
  10. GetStrength - UPDATE, installed and vid uploaded.

    They must be giving you a good deal for all the talking up you're giving them :pfft:
  11. Mind over Macros

    Depth hard to tell from the high angle. But it looked solid! Plenty more in the tank.
  12. Ohjoshua's Intense city, lets ramp it up.

    Good luck tomorrow. SFW!
  13. I'm the hipsquatapotamus, my deads are bottomless...

    Got a 42 and 44 F6. I've had a few little niggles recently that haven't helped at all, and the 42 is completely destroying my setup. I think I just need a little break to get things healthy again.
  14. I'm the hipsquatapotamus, my deads are bottomless...

    Nationals - Week 8 of 16 - Friday SSB Squat +40kg chains (no belt) 110kg x 2 @7 132.5kg x 2 @8 140kg x 2 @9 132.5kg x 2 @8 132.5kg x 2 @9 Boo ya! Nice big PB here. Bench +25kg chains 80kg x 2 @7 90kg x 2 @8 100kg x 2 @9.5 95kg x 2 @9.5 RDL 130kg x 5 3 x 150kg x 5