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  1. That is a very low t level for your age , has your Dr referred you to a endo yet? you taken any anabolics etc? you should be around the 700-800 mark, its only going to decline as you get older
  2. GABA is it illegal in nz

    Im talking about strictly for the nootropic benefits like a small amount. I have heard good things about it but not to sure if its banned here???? cheers
  3. mens clinic?

    I dont understand why they shut down mens clinics? its like they want us to grow old miserable and rely on meds and viagra BS most of the time fixing hormones solves the problem :) well in most cases it does solve the problem .. only thing were cheating is the process of ageing
  4. mens clinic?

    is there any mens clinic in auckland that are willing to do trt?
  5. How has trt effected you?

    i read your other post your on reandron , if i recall thats 1000mg of test per shot once every few months, your libido you said it "normalized" when normalized now is it much better than pre trt ? how is Erection quality ? cheers
  6. How has trt effected you?

    i fully agree with pining 2x week also normally 24 hours after injection docs noramlly give a small dose ai so thats about 2x week 24 hours after each shot casue of the test spiking high after shot in turn "could " convert to estro if sensitive or bf high
  7. How has trt effected you?

    dont mean to be a pain but what dose is your test 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml etc? im guessing around 100-125mg week no ai normally needed (well that depends on your bf and other factors if sensitive or not), there has been many cases of people needing ai even on 100mg
  8. How has trt effected you?

    what dose is your trt? inject 1x week or 2x? any ai usage? how long you been on it? cheers
  9. How has trt effected you?

    Did trt work for you ? What improvements have you noticed ? cheers
  10. Proviron

    The additional effects are awesome though, On trt it would be really good in terms of keeping your dick hard libido high and lowering shbg and keeping your body hard to and the over all sense of wellbeing it provides to, on cycle masteron is nice additive and off cycle trt or cruise proviron works very well if money and sourcing it aint a issue
  11. Bacardi 151

    its easy to find 96 percent food grade ethyl alcohol in nz
  12. Beating up and kicking someone on the ground when they down? now importing meth? what a winner

    Front loading in general is a stupid idea best to kick start it with something fast acting , dbol or dianadrol 25mg dbol/25mg drol and let the long esters kick in, and i fully agree if upping the dose should be upping it during cycle and staying on that till you come off or till you " trt/cruise"