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  1. low test. and HRT

    I agree, and also sometimes you need a balance of both. I'm a pretty healthy eater, off the booze and coffee at the moment, no junk food etc. Doing my best to get plenty of sleep at the moment too. Sometimes though if your body needs something it just cannot make for whatever reason..... As I said at the moment I'm just considering my options and trying my best to make a considered educated choice. Reading about peoples experiences on this forum has been a real help, and your feedback
  2. low test. and HRT

  3. low test. and HRT

    yep, doing my best!
  4. low test. and HRT

    That's good to know, to be honest, I'm not expecting a miracle overnight, but even to feel 50% better than I do at the moment is something I would be happy to commit to lifetime therapy for. I'm generally a fit person, was walking 10-15km a day on field trips this time last year, now I feel like I've run a marathon after being on my feet for 20 mins. From what I've seen here it can take some months for HRT to make a real difference? Happy to be patient too if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Oh yeah, one other thing, I've had a yeast infection for the last month or so which I would say is making me feel pretty crappy, I wonder if the two are connected.
  5. low test. and HRT

    Thanks for that great info, will keep updated with progress. I guess also the other thing to check is whether it is a pituatary problem, I think some of the extra blood tests I did may be looking into that. Hopefully not too long to wait to see endo.
  6. low test. and HRT

    Hi everybody, new to this forum, and am looking for some feedback on low T. and HRT. so I thought I would put this out there I have been struggling with depression and anxiety and chronic fatigue since April last year (am currently taking medication, and have no problem continuing with that for now). I have had several episodes like this in the last 15 years. I have never been a "big" person but am almost two metres tall. When I have been well my max weight has been about 74kg (and I eat a lot!) but I have always felt fit and active and plenty of energy. Also during my depressive episodes i tend to lose weight (don't have a lot to lose), but medication has worked eventually. So lately been feeling really exhausted, foggy (i have just recently completed a bachelors of Science so I really know when my concentration and thinking is off) , achey, weak and tight muscles (especially hamstrings) and current weight 69kg. Also experiencing frequent episodes of weepiness. Really feel like I am not recovering Had blood test for everything, so far looking good, but have come back with low testosterone (around 250-300 i think). GP has said I "need more calories" because my body is starving and basically need to eat more, which is why my t. is low. I can't help but think if the problem was that simple I wouldn't still be where I am at now. She has sent me for more blood tests for cortisol, estrogen and other related things. She has referred me to an endocrinoligist to look into the low t. , seemed reluctant to prescribe anything but did give me the option of gel patches. I've decided I would rather do anything like this under the supervision of an endo. I guess I am beginning to think maybe my test. has always been on the low side (also I only have one testicle), hence my recurring bouts of depression and anxiety and weight loss (and low weight in general), and the fact that I have always been quite skinny, and now that I am getting older (49) it may be becoming more of an underlying problem. Have also read a few things pointing out a correlation between low test. and depression and also chronic pain. Would really appreciate anyone with any thoughts giving me some feedback about my situation, what I could expect when seeing the endo. etc., questions to ask etc. I have recently moved to Opotiki so I think will be going either to Whakatane or Tauranga. I'm wondering if even TRT doesn't make things 100% better, it might give me a bit of a push over the hump that I can start feeling like I am at least on the road to recovery. I also realise HRT could be a long term option, so want to make a very considered decision before heading down that road. Looking forward to any feedback