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  1. HCG on cycle?

    Isn't the whole problem though, that the testes essentially shut down (ie testicular atrophy) and natural test production tanks, because the body presumes it doesn't need to produce testosterone while you're on cycle?? So therefore, if there's something that mimics LH and keeps the testes functioning as per normal - then once you finish the cycle and begin your PCT, ideally you're in better shape than you otherwise would be? It's not that you'd benefit from the endogenous test in the sense of your overall levels, but in the fact that the testes keep producing it in the first place - minimizing how much shut down occurs. Noted on the Taurine research too, thanks bro. Will be sure to add that in :)
  2. HCG on cycle?

    Curious to know whether anyone has tried this & whether you experienced good results?? Seems to be quite a bit of anecdotal evidence of people running say, 500iu a week split into 2 doses of 250iu... starting at week 3 or 4 of the cycle and running through until the end. Thought it seemed like a good idea to prevent damage to the testes if possible, like - why not?? Anyway - is HCG illegal in NZ ?? Seems to be some weird creepy looking weightloss clinics advertising it, but maybe that's not the same compound?
  3. Pre cycle bloods

    Sweet - and there's no other test specific for estrogen levels, correct? So you reckon just don't worry about testing for estrogen levels overall, and focus more on making sure test / other hormones return to pre cycle levels after PCT ?
  4. Pre cycle bloods

    Labtests has a 'self requested' option where you can get specific blood work done... I'm just curious as to which options you recommend selecting? Since you pay a fee per test, I'm curious to see what are the most important to know, and which aren't super critical. Here's the link to the option form : https://labtests.co.nz/images/Patients/self-request-form.pdf I'm assuming : LH FSH Oestradiol Testosterone Free Test Are pretty much a given ... and then maybe liver function, cholesterol ... anything else?? Shit ain't cheap!! Then again, neither is crashing your system...
  5. Test levels & advice

    Chur - thanks Daz :) Can you pay to do private test @ LabTests, or only PathLab?? Thanks for the dosage tips too. @hamdanz ... sorry bro, that's just what the scales tell me. Haven't done calipers for a while so maybe BF has crept a little, but haven't been less than 90kg since I was at high school. Abs are fairly defined at the moment tho so I'm guesstimating I'm still in that 12-14% ish range.
  6. Test levels & advice

    Hey guys, Newbie here. Been training & lifting heavy for around 5 years now. 34 years old - Auckland based. Currently sitting at 103kg at 178cm and around 12-14% BF. Still get slow progressing / gains but every time I cut, I just seem to struggle maintaining the definition / size I've put on. Looking to build up the upper chest / trap / shoulder / arms areas - and I know this is where AAS can really make a big impact. Anyway - a few questions to kick things off. Went in for some routine regular checkups the other day & doc asked if I wanted bloods done. Said yup - can I get all the regular ones - and also is it possible to do Testosterone. He was instantly like - boom - why?? Are you taking steroids? haha. I fumbled around, nah - just curious to see my levels, bit low sex drive, etc etc. He seemed to buy it but was also hella suspicious haha. So first question - how do you guys approach this with your doctor? Do you straight up tell them you take / plan to take steroids? Or is there a way to get these bloods / results done without needing a doctor referral?? Second - my reading came back as " Testosterone 12.3 nmol/l (8.7 - 29.0) " - which I'm assuming means I measured 12.3 and the normal range is between 8.7 > 29. He's reassured me that it's all good .... but to me that seems on the very low end of the spectrum?? At this stage, if I end up taking the plunge and doing a cycle (never had any AAS experiments before) - based on the research I've done so far, I'd probably look at running test only, for 12 weeks or so, and just seeing what happens. Look forward to hearing your thoughts :)
  7. City fitness Albany

    Yup - I do :) Always keen on finding someone to train with. I tend to aim for around 8.30 / 9am most mornings - usually train 6 days a week. Anyone keen for a session, hit me up!