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  1. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    Thanks guys. This is a lot more informative than the feedback i got from anywhere else I also noticed that pointing my toes out slighty more than the 30° standard helps me break at both the knees and hips simultaneously. Im also for now focusing on squatting just below parallel. I figure i can slowly work on depth once i have the other components fixed still making sure though that the hip crease goes below the top of the knee Cheers guys!!
  2. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    Thanks. Will work on the head position. Atleast I corrected the lower back curving a bit. Hopefully can increase weight now
  3. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    Agree I do struggle with keeping my chest up really need to concentrate on that. Is my form from the 3 minute mark any better?
  4. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    Hey thanks Can you watch from the 3minute mark i changed the camera angle and wasnt going that deep Cheers
  5. Hi People So was ill for a little while and when I got back decided to squat 3 times a week starting from 40kg (with 2.5kg progression) till I can get to my old 5 rep max (87.5kg) Came upto 60kg and felt a sprain in my lower back, decided to film myself. Did 60 kg that entire week (27th Nov to 1st Dec) Its all in one video the last day is probably the best camera angle. Appreciate all the advice guys 27th Nov: start 29th Nove: (1:21) https://youtu.be/bPuT-5CGtQo?t=81 1st Dec: (2:59) https://youtu.be/bPuT-5CGtQo?t=180