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  1. Double unders

    He doesn’t go to a box anymore we have a home Crossfit gym. He’s tried double under trainers by rx gear. He’s brought programme’s he been to workshops, he’s looked at tips online but still can’t get them. He’s sick of it after 3 years of practise every day or so and not linking more then 7
  2. Double unders

    Alright I’m new to this, but my dad has been doing Crossfit for 3 years now and can do single under then double under perfectly fine. It is when he starts to try to link the double unders when his left wrist will not keep up with his right wrist in terms of speed. He can only manage 2 or 3 before getting whiplash. He’s at the point where he is so frustrated he wants to just quit Crossfit and go to the normal gym. He’s tryed everything online. Any exercises or tips to help his wrist speed get stronger? cheers