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  1. Hey Team I hope you're all well and smashing your goals. Is this forum active? I'm about to start a DNP log in the coming weeks. How's everyone been?
  2. My DNP Cycle Log

    Man I only just seen this. I'll post some pictures if you still want me to? I'm about to embark on another run so was looking back for past info I remember @kiwicannon had some good advice. Anyone keen for me to log my me DNP Cycle I'll be starting in a couple of weeks?
  3. Hey Guys. I was supposed to start this thread/log last week at the start of this cycle. I'm 6 days into my DNP cycle - I have been 200mcg since the start and will keep it the same for 14 days and then see where I'm at. I'm using a slew of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes along with 50mcg of T3 a day. My current AAS stack is 250 Test E, 600 EQ and 600 Tren E. The reason to add a DNP run into this is I went through a couple of bad months and got sloppy so I wanted to tidy things up. I used DNP twice before with good results. I don't use the scales just the mirror - I have taken before and after pictures and will upload them at the end. Please, if you have any questions or input - fire away.
  4. Dnp

    Anyone who has run a dnp cycle of late or in the past can you DM me I have some questions, don't mind paying for your Time
  5. DNP Cycle log

    Ill add another update picture later.
  6. Hi Lad's I went through a bad break up and as up and down with moods and has found a new place to stay. I went right of the wagon with food and ballooned up – sometimes smashing through 4 tubs of Ben and Jerrys in an evening. I have attached my 12-week progress picture. Recently I have added in DNP again. I have a lot of experience with this compound and take all precautions. My cycle so fat has been Day 1 to 3 – 300mg Day 4 – 400 mg Day 5 and 6 – 500mg I will stay at 500mg as long as I can handle the sides, I’m using a keto type diet also. I hope to update this thread every day or second day – and will update with a new picture weekly. My weight before my cut was 198kg. Start of DNP was 94kg Any questions fire away.
  7. DNP Cycle log

    Hey Bro Sides, where not to bad, had one bad night when I got a little higher on the DNP. I came off for 10 days then started again after getting blood work done and seeing all was okay. New Cycle 300 DNP 80 Clen (increasing each week by 20) 50 T3 Will try and keep updated. Zero side effects as of yet. Diet is 250-500 Protein Less than 30 Carb Fat 60-80
  8. DNP Cycle log

    Weight update I'm down 2kgs from the start of the DNP run
  9. DNP Cycle log

    After a pretty rough day of sides. Tomorow I will drop back down to 200mg or 300mg and stretch this cycle out for another week or ten days.
  10. DNP Cycle log

    The photo below was the start of the DNP run. Left was take on the 18th of Sept - Right was 24th Sep
  11. My DNP Cycle Log

    Aloso from next week I will go zero carbs kind of like keto. Been using carbs but want to see how I will react on cose to zero - meat meat meat
  12. My DNP Cycle Log

    Hey guys. Quick update I'm approaching the 2 week mark on my DNP cycle. Hates: Smelling like a sweaty ball sack all day Headaches Feeling hot after a bite of food Feeling bloated Going to the toielt about 15 times a day Its starting to work and being noticable - less fat around my chest, veins through my groin and leg area. My shins and forwarms look like a road map. My dose as varied I have been up to 300mg - but think my sweat spot is 300-400. I think my aim is to stay on 300 for the next 2 weeks or so. But my workouts suck. Hope this is helping somone . Again any questions fire away.
  13. My DNP Cycle Log

    Can definitely feel the accumulative effect yesterday and today. Have decided to split my 400 doses over 2 x 200 doses. See if I can keep the heat manageable.
  14. My DNP Cycle Log

    Yeah man, I use fruit - the cravings are bad but I keep carbs in which helps. Yeah, man sweats at night aren't good. Ran it back in the UK and out of nowhere we had the hottest heat wave in 30 years. Was in a world of pain.
  15. My DNP Cycle Log

    Hey, Bro thanks for the reply. It's powder bro. 100mcg caps. I'm not onto day 10. I'm not on 400mcgs per day. I take 300mcg on waking up and 100mcg midday to early afternoon. Sides have been okay so far, hotter than normal and my Mrs has noticed it and said I'm like a oven. I had one night of bad sweats, weirdly these where cold sweats. I did have a pretty bad allergic reaction - but it lasted like 15 minutes and then passed over. Was very hot and face and body went red blotchy. Should have brought my antihistamines to work but forgot them. I will stay at 400mcgs for the next week I think. Then depending on how I feel I may stay the same or go back down to 200mcg for a longer duration. Yeah, I wake up and look good then throughout the day get more and more watery. Not really bothered though as I know how long it takes after cycle to get rid of the water. Excited to see how I look afterwards - one thing I have which is awesome is, ridiculous huge veins running down my shine and in my forearms.
  16. My DNP Cycle Log

    Also my diet is relatively clean - and train on a 2 on 2 off split.
  17. Customes in NZ

    Hi Guys Remove if not allowed. My source from usa is going to ship me some fat burner for a prep (dnp) how will this fair with getting through the mail/customs?
  18. Customes in NZ

    Its a risk agreed. But i keep the dose very low and adjust. I understand why you think its stupid I really do.
  19. Customes in NZ

    Hi Lads. Thanks for the advice and concer. Ive run DNP about 6 times now ranging from 2-4 weeks. And yes it can be rough but I run it as safe as possible. Thanks guys
  20. Hi Guys I have just moved over to Auckland from London for work. I will be here for the next two years minimum. Anyone based in AKL can you recomend a good bb gym? Many thanks Awesome to meet you all.
  21. New to Auckland -advice

    Thanks bro Ill check out Les Mills. City fitness is right accross to where i work so could be handy but I like a good bb vibe. Thanks again bro
  22. Hi Kev This could be a good option for me mate. I just moved here. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers Chad