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  1. Customes in NZ

    Its a risk agreed. But i keep the dose very low and adjust. I understand why you think its stupid I really do.
  2. Customes in NZ

    Hi Lads. Thanks for the advice and concer. Ive run DNP about 6 times now ranging from 2-4 weeks. And yes it can be rough but I run it as safe as possible. Thanks guys
  3. Customes in NZ

    Hi Guys Remove if not allowed. My source from usa is going to ship me some fat burner for a prep (dnp) how will this fair with getting through the mail/customs?
  4. New to Auckland -advice

    Thanks bro Ill check out Les Mills. City fitness is right accross to where i work so could be handy but I like a good bb vibe. Thanks again bro
  5. Hi Kev This could be a good option for me mate. I just moved here. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers Chad
  6. Hi Guys I have just moved over to Auckland from London for work. I will be here for the next two years minimum. Anyone based in AKL can you recomend a good bb gym? Many thanks Awesome to meet you all.