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  1. Monolift J Hook Attachments

    Shouldn't need a new torch lead, just a alloy liner at most. At 3metres The boc 175 lead is short enough for alloy weldong, I have a boc 175 myself, good little machine, I find it's good for panel work when working at people's homes as it is nice and light to transport and not too hard on the fuses. Only downside is the post gas flow on 2t mode, farken spews excess gas after finishing the weld. Alloy ac tig is tricky if you don't know what you are doing. Wouldn't suggest getting an AC tig unless you are well practised in tig welding or have access to someone who can teach you.
  2. So where are the Black Friday deals on whey??

    $120 for 10pounds... https://nowhey.co.nz/mutant-whey-protein-10lb.html
  3. How does social media affect people's body image?

    ^social media in a nutshell
  4. Body weight programmes can be very effective for gaining muscle and losing fat. For example take a look at gymnasts, martial artists, and free runners. The programme you posted looks a bit shit. If main goal is to lose weight you should look at the food you are eating and see if there are some small changes you can make, don't go overboard and cut all sugar carbs and fats all at once, just little incremental changes over a longer period of time. Stick to the basics if you have no gear Push ups, dips, chin ups, box jumps, squat jumps, burpees and sit ups. Id suggest you invest in a barbell and some plates, look around online for a cheap second hand set. Even without a bench or rack you can perform a lot of fundamental exercises with a basic bar and a couple of plates If you are DIY inclined have a look on the interweb for home made exercise gear it could be something as simple as filling up some 3ltr milk bottles with sand and putting them in a backpack for extra weight for chins and press ups. Good luck
  5. US-style dairy farms coming here?

    @Realtalk Why u trolling m8?
  6. US-style dairy farms coming here?

    @Realtalk I only said Chinese's because it related to milk and farming as per topic, what I stated above is fact The reason why it matters who owns it. https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/business/326190/foreign-ownership-nears-50-percent
  7. US-style dairy farms coming here?

    I'd be more worried about the Chinese owned farms..... 19 such Chinese owned farms in the waikato area all feed a Chinese dairy factory where it's all sent off overseas. In hauraki area there's a similar situation with a Chinese ice cream factory who owns 4 farms in the area, with all product being sent overseas.
  8. calling out the big D

    Where you at @donz Chur pies
  9. Transgenders in strength sports

    Dunno WTF I've just stumbled upon but..... if a man can win the woman of the year award, If a man who had a sex change can enter powerlifting comps and out lift all the women , if a man can compete in kickboxing and is beating the shit out of naturally born women in the ring, then something just ain't right..... Edit: Justin Bieber won lesbian of the year a few years back, but even that seems more legit than the above
  10. Monolift J Hook Attachments

    @PETN Theres too many variables for me to answer you properly. Are these for use on site, or workshop? In what capacity/frequency will it be used? Generator/power output? Three phase or single phase? What's your budget? Etc etc etc etc..... Once again, I'm not sure of your situation, tig skill level etc, or what you want to weld. Assuming you have a 175amp mig, I'd try ally wire and argon FIRST and see how it goes before blowing a tonne of cash on something you may not need. Keep in mind you will probably need to change your rollers and the torch liner as well. I'll get back to you about the Mag drill, I've never had to buy one, but have used shitloads of them on the job. Swivel bases are handy but again, I don't know what you are drilling and tapping If you do get wire and gas, feel free to hit me up if you need any advice in regards to alloy mig
  11. Monolift J Hook Attachments

    ,@PETN Hey mate I've been in the engineering game for 15-20years, just a word of advice , Don't waste your time with a cheap plasma cutter mate I've been down that road, a cheap plasma won't cut anything heavier than 6mm , anything heavier and you will start popping fuses and hitting thermal overload. The other thing to keep in mind is whether you have a air compressor that can keep up enough constant pressure to feed the plasma.
  12. Customes in NZ

  13. Double unders

    A tip for wrist conditioning. I did martial arts for about 15years, the number one exercise we would practise to strengthen the wrist and the associated bones in the hands, and to condition the skin on the knuckles was press ups on bare knuckles. Tight closed fist, straight wrist, forearm mostly perpendicular (90degrees) to floor. Concentrate on having the index and mid finger knuckles as the main contact points with the floor. This will improve your grip and fap strength, if done consistently
  14. Customes in NZ

    Dnp is some farken dicey shit mate, R.I.P. OP
  15. joint pain

    Depends on the joint and how big you roll it, but srs agmatine sulphate used in conjunction with pot works really well for targeting lower back pain.