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  1. Monolift J Hook Attachments

    ,@PETN Hey mate I've been in the engineering game for 15-20years, just a word of advice , Don't waste your time with a cheap plasma cutter mate I've been down that road, a cheap plasma won't cut anything heavier than 6mm , anything heavier and you will start popping fuses and hitting thermal overload. The other thing to keep in mind is whether you have a air compressor that can keep up enough constant pressure to feed the plasma.
  2. Customes in NZ

  3. Double unders

    A tip for wrist conditioning. I did martial arts for about 15years, the number one exercise we would practise to strengthen the wrist and the associated bones in the hands, and to condition the skin on the knuckles was press ups on bare knuckles. Tight closed fist, straight wrist, forearm mostly perpendicular (90degrees) to floor. Concentrate on having the index and mid finger knuckles as the main contact points with the floor. This will improve your grip and fap strength, if done consistently
  4. Customes in NZ

    Dnp is some farken dicey shit mate, R.I.P. OP
  5. joint pain

    Depends on the joint and how big you roll it, but srs agmatine sulphate used in conjunction with pot works really well for targeting lower back pain.
  6. Giant Sports, Giant Rush.

    Good ol sausage tree (kigella) making its way into supplements again, have heard decent feedback about both of giant sports pre-workout, rush and riot.
  7. Help required - Police PAT

    Chur, SR crew checking in
  8. Help required - Police PAT

    Hey, I've had experience with something similar, I hated running and entered myself in a 12km obstacle course run. Before that I had never run any distance since cross country back in primary school. The following year I entered 11 of these runs my average placing was in the mid 20s (of about150+ competitors) and came 6th in one of them 10+ km a day is overkill for a 2.4km run Although 10km runs will help your aerobic threshold, you would be better off to run a 3km distance of hill running anerobically 3 times a week. This will give you time to recover. This is the method that worked for me Find a good hill, run up hard for as long as you can, and when you need to stop turn around and jog back down don't worry about the time it takes you will see improvement each time by how far you get up the hill, but do use a GPS tracker to measure the 3km distance. Running up will increase your anerobic threshold whilst strengthening your legs and jogging back down will help you recover ready for the next run up. Also learn how to run, when I learnt how to run properly it made a huge difference to my endurance, if your running mechanics are shit you will be wasting a tonne of energy. High soled running shoes ,(pretty much every running shoe that is not a minimal shoe) can f*ck with your footstrike, causing your heel to hit the the ground first acting like a brake. To get out of this habit I started running in bare feet for a while, because when running in bare feet it forces you to land fore footed and eliminates heel strike. In short, run up hills try it for atleast 3 weeks and then try a 2.4 on the flat. you should see a noticable difference in your running time , learn the mechanics of how to run properly, minimise training for better recovery. My 2 cents