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  1. Help required - Police PAT

    I wondered that too but found an article from when they changed the standards in 2006 - "Times for the 2.4 km run are now set on a differential basis having regard for age and gender and taking into account the fact that individuals are at their peak fitness between 20 - 29" You still have the maintain the PCT level of fitness but not the PAT once out of college which I wondered about too
  2. Help required - Police PAT

    Hey! yes female and in 20's. best time - 12.02 or there abouts - this was at a PAT so i wasn't recording it i just remember them calling out the time Only ever run outside Yes have been along to a couple - got my best time there! I've got my academic testing date coming up so then after that i'll have 8 ish weeks till the PAT Are you doing the running on your own or as part of a group? How far through the process are you?
  3. Help required - Police PAT

    I try to run 3-4 times a week on top of my other stuff. I followed exactly what the trainers told me to do and i met with them at least weekly
  4. Help required - Police PAT

    That is just not realistic! Sorry but being able to run for an hour at under 4min km's is insane and not what a 'reasonably' fit person could do.
  5. Help required - Police PAT

    When i as doing the 2x1200m and 4x600m etc etc it was at a faster pace than what i can maintain for a long distance. So i was trying to get my pce under what is required for the run in the hope that training for a shorter distance would increase my pace and then i could increase the distance once i had the pace sorted. See I'm so all over the place, I've been told so many different things to try by different people. I'm just desperate for something to actually work. The 10km was at a slow pace, so it usually took me a little over an hour but the whole time i was wondering why i was running such a long distance when all i needed to do was the 2.4km
  6. Help required - Police PAT

    All my trainers have been male and while yes some were new some were specific running trainers. But i found they were wanting me to run 10+km a day and i felt like it wasn't helping me with my goal. No, there is no program on the website, at least not that i'm aware of. So do you think JUST running 2.4km? I've tried doing 2x 1.2km 4x 600m etc but that didn't seem to help me improve. Possibly? But i know others who have completed it and in all other cases i'm fitter than them, and i would have thought training for it would help me to get up to it physically but it never seemed to improve my time.
  7. Help required - Police PAT

    Hi all, I am needing to run the Police PAT run which is 2.4km in 11.50 mins or less. I have been trying to do this for over a year and just don't seem to be able to get there. I have tried everything. I've been through 3 or 4 personal trainers who have all had different tactics, none of which worked. I've tried making up my own program, following someone elses, running groups and even tried hypnotherapy thinking it was a mind thing. So, now i'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm pretty fit (i think), my 5km time is around 30 mins or just under, I can run the speed required for the run but cannot maintain it for the 2.4km. I go to F45 4 or 5 times a week which keeps my fitness up. I am quite short so maybe its my legs that are failing me! Anyway, appreciate any help I can get.