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  1. Advice for coming off TRT

    No clomid? Alright, AI it is. Thanks Cam
  2. Advice for coming off TRT

    Because I was still competing in cycling, had horrible sleeping patterns, and was very stressed last time I tried to recover. Also, I did recover just not very quickly, after a year my levels had doubled but were still barely in the reference range (10.5 nmol/L). I have a blood test from before it happened as I had an issue with hormones as a teenager and my total T was around 19 nmol/L. I suspect now that I have better circumstances I will actually recover and much faster. The only real question is what is the most appropriate method for me to do so. Would Clomid and/or an AI help enough to make it worth the side effects or should I just go cold turkey?
  3. Advice for coming off TRT

    The probability of being prescribed triptorelin in NZ? I'm guessing extremely low.... I'll talk to my GP and see what he says. Would an Aromasin Inhibitor on its own have any possible effect in preventing/reducing negative feedback? Just trying to figure out the best option for recovery that doesn't dig more of a ditch than I'm in now. I'm pretty sure I'll recover my normal levels, I just want it to be efficient rather than a 3-year grind.
  4. Advice for coming off TRT

    Alright, I should start by saying that I fucked up big time lol. So after several years of competing in sports until the end of university, I pushed my body further than I should have and crashed my hormone levels into the ground. I saw an Endocrinologist, waited a full year and my levels didn't recover (partly my fault, I was still stressed out and exercising quite a bit... old habits and all). At this point, the endocrinologist decided that prescription TRT was an option at least short term until my personal circumstances changed. So I spent around 1.5 years on TRT in that region before moving down to Christchurch for a new job and had to find a new endocrinologist. The new specialist took me off everything and said I should wait to see if I recover. This is where I fucked up. I decided he was incorrect and continued on with treatment myself, however, have since come to the conclusion (with the help of my new partner) that I shouldn't be on this stuff. So I decided to come off, waited 2 weeks after the last injection then used Clomid for 5 days before coming off to save my relationship (Clomid fucks with your emotions something awful) and now dunno what to do. The way I see it is I have 5 options: 1) Go back on testosterone, then taper off slowly (not very keen on this, I promised I would never touch the stuff again and I will keep that promise). 2) Continue on with Clomid and or Tamoxifen, would appreciate some advice on this if that's what is recommended as Clomid was god awful. 3) Try HcG (I just found a very open minded GP a couple of days ago who said he's willing to give it a go). Although from what I've read HcG is just as suppressive as Testosterone is so dunno if that will work as a recovery tool as opposed to a keep my nuts from shutting down tool. 4) Continue on with cold turkey recovery and just deal with the complete lackof libido (I could use viagra etc I guess, I'm not that keen on it but if I had to). 5) Try some other medication/treatment not listed here. I really wanna get past all this shit and move on with my life so would appreciate some guidance.