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  1. Hey team may not be the right topic but I’ll ask a questrion im 42 and been training for almost 2 years. Something new I’ve started in my live. However being a hardgainer I bearly can build muscles I know I’m not 20 and have admitted that. Always been a skinny guy. But surely our here must be some tips help to get bigger and leaner in your 42. I also would love to have a pro bodybilding trainer to help me out any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot I’m in Auckland by the way
  2. Old school bodybuilding trainer needed

    Auckland West Auckland
  3. Hi all team I need your help. I got myself into a bodybuilding space about a year ago and I love it. I’m 42 and I am a hard gainer easily can loose weight but to gain muscle a bit of a challenge. Could you please advise maybe recommend old school trainer that I can rely on. Not really keen on online and other social media etc would be awesomely appreciated if you could help thanks