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  1. Blood test NZ

    It seems the only private lab in Wellington I can find doesn't do comprehensive testing upon self request, only a simple testosterone test. The details are below, perhaps I'm missing something. http://www.wellingtonscl.co.nz/patient-self-requested-testing
  2. Blood test NZ

    Will they not need my name/will they appear on my medical records? Main thing I'm worried about is it showing on the records and screwing my insurance
  3. Blood test NZ

    Hey guys, is there a way to get blood work done in the Wellington region privately? Been having issues with libido in my current cycle (second) and can't quite pinpoint the problem. High estrogen seems like the logical reason however almost all of my sides resemble low E. Side effects - Constant urination - Weak urine stream - 0 Libido - Lethargy - Insomnia - No genital sensitivity - (No bloating or gyno) Cycle history below - Note my first cycle was run with no AI or prolactin inhibitor and libido was ridiculously high, ran a successful post cycle and libido was recovered before I ran my next cycle 4 months later 1st cycle (14 weeks) Test E 500mg/week Tren E 400mg/week 2nd Cycle 12 weeks Test E 500mg/week Tren ace weeks 3-12 75mg/EOD Anadrol 50mg/day week 1-4 Aromasin 12.5mg 2x a week Currently using 750mg Test E Sex drive was lost at the beginning of the cycle and never recovered, even after dropping the tren and increasing test to 750mg/week. Considered high prolactin and ran pharmacy grade caber at .25 x2 a week for 4 weeks and noticed no improvement other than increased orgasm intensity (still difficult to achieve erection and no sex drive) On a side note - my doctor is aware I'm using steroids and has given me a blood test previously to rule out a UTI when I got it tested, however since I am young (for insurance purposes) we opted not to get test/E/LH/FSH/prolactin levels tested. Is it possible for me to get a blood test through my doctor without the abnormalities in my blood work messing with insurance eg. Under the table? Or is there a place I can get them done privately in the Wellington region (Happy to pay) Thanks in advance.