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  1. Not a personal question more just a thought I had but I know a lot of modern bodybuilding theory is that there is no need to taper compounds as it has no benefit in recovery of the HPTA but from what I could imagine blasting large amount of androgens, sex drive rises but then levels out again when peak levels have been reached so my hypothesis is the tapering would let your body come down slowly rather and not lose all sex drive than an abrupt drop off. Obviously other health factors would be more important than dragging out a cycle/blast length longer than it needs to be but wondering your guys views on this sorry for the essay haha
  2. best PCT

    Some get permanent vision side effects from clomid
  3. First cycle

    Amen you’d be surprised what you can achieve if training, diet and sleep are in check

    Yeah I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it

    I heard injectable SR9009 was the way to go
  6. Curious as wanting to try wanted the boys opinion first
  7. SARMS

    Around 30mg a day give or take a mg or two
  8. SARMS

    Mk677 gave my lab rat extremely tired and fatigued had to stop because couldn’t function
  9. Websites

    His names jucier hahaha wonder what he’s after? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  10. Diet

    But actually eat quite a lot of food not like what your mom thinks is a lot of food lol
  11. Introducing Myself

    f*ck were you even eating when you weighed 76kgs that’s really not a lot of food to put on 10kgs what’s the serving sizes like?
  12. Enhanced athlete

    Anyone ordered anything from here or heard about anyone ordering something to New Zealand do you reckon the sarms would make it past customs?
  13. Low testosterone

    Gear lol
  14. joint pain

    How much you squat?
  15. Nzifbb natural

    I mean like it’s not like it was a natural show or anything so there was nothing to gain by doing it natural other than looking like the man