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  1. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I realise that in terms of total training time, my time spent training is fairly small, but as maccaz said, if it's a decision I've made at this point in my life, I don't see the point in waiting, it just feels like wasted time. Sure, I can give you my brief experience with it. And it was very brief (7-8 months of training with a Oly coach). About 1 month in, we maxed my lifts and I started out with a 60kg snatch and a 85kg clean and jerk. That 1 month of training was really just prep work; things like getting used to the 1st pull, 2nd pull, making sure I was performing the triple extension correctly. 3 months later we maxed again, and I had a 69kg snatch, and a 95kg clean and jerk. From there, we did 3-4 months of more training before I had to move gyms because of shifted house. Making it back for more training wasn't feasible going forward, so I decided to switch back to powerlifting.
  2. Hi everyone, I just joined the forums and I'm looking for supplementation advice. I'm a 25 year old guy who started messing around with bodybuilding when I was about 17-18, moved onto Powerlifting, moved onto Olympic Lifting, and have now moved back to Powerlifting proper. In all that time, I probably took about 6 months off in terms of not training at all. I often feel like I've got 'lower' genetic limits than most people, and I've often felt that my testosterone levels are naturally lower than most (just a feeling based on my own experiences in training, etc, I've never confirmed it through blood tests). I often feel like I've reached the most you can accomplish naturally, and I think I've hit the genetic wall; not only when it comes to strength and muscle gains, but general fat loss as well. I've carefully planned out my nutrition, and my training is structured in a way that works for me as a natural lifter (I have thrown around the idea of going on testosterone supplementation, but I'm finding it difficult getting any traction there). I was wondering anyone would you be willing to give me any advice on supplementation I could use for, both, recovery and strength gains, and the best way to approach it. Thanks very much, osterman