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  1. Tbol TRT

    Thank you for this information, I am also on insulin lantus (I'm diabetic as a secondary to my lung condition cystic fybrosis) I'm aware that insulin does have "some" GH in it how much I'm not sure so would this compensate for it do you think ? Only problem is some people react with a preservative in Lantus (I'm not sure what it's called I'll find out from my doctor) which makes me get really itchy dry skin . It's not very common and there's few cases but I'm on and off it because of this issue I do want to be on it as it keeps my lungs healthier because not as many bugs grow in my blood but the side effect is a real pain when you're up all night scratching. In NZ there doesn't seem to be an alternative but doc is looking into it (been waiting a year now) but yeah if I'm not on the insulin with GH maybe milk thistle isn't my best option.. I will have a look for some products with Prunella vulgaris in it. I dont suppose anyone on here on here has any links to studies about milk thistle and other liver anti oxidants ? Trying to explain this kind of thing to a doctor is like pushing shit up hill. We are really behind medically and sometimes talking to them it's like if it's not a medical drug it will not work. Maybe showing them some studies and numbers might help thabks heaps
  2. Tbol TRT

    Thanks I won't buy off my current then I'll try find somewhere else I think
  3. Tbol TRT

    Ahhh kay right I think I won't buy off my current then he's wanting $500 !! I thought it seemed a bit steep
  4. Tbol TRT

    Couldn't seem to find your thread 😞 How much can I expect to pay for tbol?
  5. Tbol TRT

    Just looking for some advice. Am on TRT due to medical issues, run about 175-200 test e depending on bloods etc and use arimedix if I need (I dont need it) have always wanted to try another something on top of it have been tossing up between EQ and TBol as sides are low and they seem relitivly safe. I have decided with Tbol as I don't want to have to run EQ for such a long time more risk of messing it up and things. My plan was 50mg for 5weeks and put my TRT up to 250 and see what results I get. I know most people run Tbol for 6weeks I'm sticking with 5 as I don't want as much toxicity . I'm running a liver and organ defender with high doasages of milk thistle etc etc. other supps I take are creatine, vitamin, fish oil and fortisip (a medically prescribed high calorie drink. Currently weigh 77kg 172cm tall ANY ADVICE ? Dos? Donts? Constructive critism welcome thank you
  6. Kiwijuicenz

    Hey mate ! What are your medical issues or would you like to pm me ? I have stupidly low test levels due to my condition but my doctors won't subscribe me hormone replacement therapy.. that's why I use UG test... it drives me wild how if you are a woman that wants to be a boy they'll dish hormones out no worries at all but if you are in my position they won't !
  7. Anyone on here with Cystic Fibrosis?

    Thanks man! Really need to get my squat up though I just run out of breathe after 4reps ? It's such a big complex movement just wrecks me . Thanks for the positivity
  8. Kiwijuicenz

    It's funny how people will pay $150+ for a tub of protein powder though ??
  9. Kiwijuicenz

    I am defiantly not kiwi juice haha.. I actually found him on reddit. Google kiwijuicenz reddit look at feedback etc it's a really hard site to use though... I only use and bought test enanthate . Before this i had a local guy at the gym but he's disappeared on me ?? will let you know bloods etc once I've been on for a while
  10. Anyone on here with Cystic Fibrosis?

    Hey mate! Compared to how it used to not much the lifting has helped tremendously . Cfers don't absorb much food so I really struggle to put weight on I eat about 5000cal a day to maintain and I'm in hospital a bit but pretty pleased with where I am... my testosterone levels are pretty low but not low enough for the docs to do anything so I did my first cycle about 10months ago and amazed and how much energy I had . Thinking of starting trt and seeing where my bloods sit but still deciding weather it's something I need to do or not
  11. Kiwijuicenz

    So got a email today saying he was moving house and he was very very sorry butTHE PACAKGE ARRIVED SAFELY TODAY!
  12. Anyone on here with Cystic Fibrosis?

    New to Gym nation, been training for about 5 years. Age23 weigh 78-79kg 172cm tall. I suffer from cystic fibrosis you may not have heard of it it's a lung condition which also effects the digestive system. Training keeps me out of hospital! Lung function is 49% which is much better than it has been for me my training consists of whatever I really feel like pretty generic split more powerlifting with a few isolataion exsersizes thrown in. Bench is 130 squat a dismal 120 and deadlift 175! Awesome forum been following for sometime now
  13. Kiwijuicenz

    f*ck my life
  14. Kiwijuicenz

    Hey guys, been just reading up on stuff here for last couple years following forums but finally made an account . Has anyone on here purchased from Kiwijuice ? Looked promising emailed paid didn't hear anything for a couple days said he was running late as moving house been a week now still no reply any insight ?