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  1. Ohhhh yeah let's doooo it! Let's set up a gym session!
  2. Hahahaha if you want to find a burrito buddy, this is the place lol but no I haven't!! I should though, sounds like a good place I normally make my own lol nomnomnom
  3. Hahaha it's so hard to find a gym buddy who likes burritos as much as me nowadays ? But willing to give all that burrito life away to get fit ?
  4. Hiiii i need a gym buddy so we can motivate each other to loose weight, gain strength, eat healthy. No gender preferred, just a down to earth person who won't bail out on gyming with me ? Would like to go gym 3-5 days a week! :) please message me if interested! I'm super chill and eat a lot of burritos ? Insta: linnitchea