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  1. So i found another one witch is a bit cheaper: http://www.elitefitness.co.nz/consumer/product/7709/k1-power-rack only problem is it doesn't come with a dip attachment. Also, its doesn't have a weight rating; the other one was rated at 500kg How do i tell witch is better/more sturdy? I can't find many reviews of them.
  2. http://powerfit.nz/equipment-accessories/power-cage-add-ons/heavy-duty-power-cage-f0601 i figured i would get this and a bench and put it on some rubber mats in my room. i have a 7ft olympic bar; would that fit in properly between the safety bars? the dimensions says 1690x1450x2150mm that would mean my weight plates would be whacking the safety bars every time i lower the bar.