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  1. Looking for training partner

    Im down there in the evenings if you need a spot but cant be of much use at 5am
  2. Urgent Diet Help Required

    Do yous get much crumpet round there with it like that.They must be some grubby bitches if you do
  3. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Nothing worse when your trying to get into it and get a flow hapening than having your routiene stuffed by idiots messing around.Throws everything out of wack
  4. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Cheers mate i might get a tub of it.Ill try the roar one too
  5. Idle ramblings and observations.

    Hey mate maybe a bit off topic but do you find some of the pre WOs can give you indigestion/heart burn as well as repeating on you.Ive found that "kick"one to be pretty good but seems to repeat and give me indigestion.I might have a go with the roar.Still keen to try out some just protein when i finish off what ive got at the moment
  6. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    Whats keeping a stat up?the police and the tikits?Ive been caught on my phone a few times and its my own fault i get the fine but im not sure that could lead me to kill anybody
  7. Former Waikato steroid dealer

    The scum in NZ is increasing but the resources to help deal with it are not.Police are not givin enough power and even when they do catch a meth dealer for example the court system here is such a piss weak joke theres no punishment so the cops work is all in vein anyway.Its just a lot easyer to give seatbelt tikits to some guy on his way to work.
  8. best on the go dairy protein

    And i brought this one awhile back the white one tastes a bit better but this says its ment to have no antibiotics or hormones etc.Its about $45 for a 1kg bag and that other stuff is about $60 for .750g.If something worked for you it might be worth paying the extra.I havnt taken either of them for long enough to really give much of an opinion though just a couple ideas
  9. best on the go dairy protein

    My mate dosnt like gluten and is a bit of a hippie and he drinks this he said it dosnt give him a sore gut or indagestion he gave me a bag to try i dont think its much differnt from most others
  10. best on the go dairy protein

    I think hes probably too old to just have it comming on now it says its just a form of fussy eating but mostly in kids
  11. big tummy prob

    Whats your diet like?Do you do any other excersise or just crunches?
  12. best on the go dairy protein

    Im going to try some of the just protein.Has anybody had a go with any of that Newzealand protein?
  13. I would have thought that if there was ever a time to wear one it would most defintly be to a hooker.Hope yous boys havnt been going in uncoverd
  14. Gym buddy Wellington

    Welcome.Whats the snack going to be?
  15. No 1 Fitness

    What sort of information.Did you give that no1 fitness a ring?