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  1. Yep i see that all the time from all differnt types i know what you mean.Its as if the dude is worried somebody is going to steal her away or that she will spot a superior male and leave him.They normally stare at people to make sure they see him doing it so nobody goes near her.I feel like saying yes your punching above your weight and she will leave as soon as she gets a better offer
  2. Gaday boys and girl Looking to start training at new lynn les mills if anybody beeds a sport ot keen for a workout.Normally train after work Cheers Gig
  3. Cheers mate thanks for taking the time to give me some pointers and the diet thing is where im most lost and where i have the least willpower.Im going to do a bit of a shop tomorow and start getting back into the meal prep i still have loads of containsrs lying around and i know ecactly what you mean about the piss weak bullshit excuses.if i want this bad enough ill be prepping for the next day not sitting watching TV
  4. Well after a year of being flat out at work being lazy and choosing to eat shit and most recintly my sister telling me to go and buy a bra i realise i need to get back into it Stats 31 yo 114kg 5ft10/11 give or take The last few weeks has just been about getting myself into the gym 5 days a week.I know how to train properly as i used to be a gym goer this time 18mnths ago i was around 95kg and size 32 jeans jeans are now 38.At the moment ive just been doing the 5 day split im sure you know Mon ches Tue back etc Im pushing ok weight but not what i should be Bench max is 120 I wont bore you with all the numbers but im training at around 70% of what i used to and the rest periods between sets are way to long as i seem to have lost a lot of focus but that is starting to come back.Everything 1 step at a time.The diet is a mess at the moment and chardio will start next week 20min on the rower 20 min steep inc on treadmill at steady pace after weights.Will throw in some createine and protein next week as well.Going overseas to meet future inlaws in ireland in dec.The want and disire is defintly comming back.My goal is to defintly get the fat off but would allso like to be keeping some good muscle bulk with it.Im not a soccer player.I used to be able to do this without thinking just has been so long ive gotten a little lost and lost a bit of confidence in my abiltys allso.I realise any goal takes hard work dedication and disciplin its just im a little unsure on how to best use the eagerness to get back in shape.Any thoughts comments or ideas welcome and appreciated i have no problem putting in work just want to put in good work Thankyou for taking the time to read Gig
  5. Cheers mate defintly ready to get back into it again properly.Last couple weeks has been good training again but im ready to go full steam ahead.Ive a wee way to go yet but i will get there.I had been thinking about doing my 1st cycle later in the year but thats a long term goal im working towards.Diet is the next focus.Thanks for the replies everybody looking fowred to being able to ask advice and getting some ideas
  6. Thanks mate.I know what i should be eating and not eating etc its just getting back that mindset but im working on it
  7. Sometimes if im doing roast mutton i allways do it in the oven bag.You gotta get it out of the fridge the night before but make sure the dog wont get into it of course.I heat up the oven to 130 and then stick it in there for 6 hours.Put some salt in the oven bag with it.When you take it out leave it in the bag in the roasting dish but cover it with tinfoil and let it sit on the bench for 20 minits.I normally use leg rather than sholder
  8. Its just a bloody circus that whole thing.I reckon if mcgregor is so sure why not make it winner take all.Those press conferance things they do seem to be more of a specticle that the actule fight.The result could have been decided before they even get in the ring.Its turning into WWF wrestling these days
  9. Id be keen to help out with something like this if im able to
  10. What has been said.Im new to this board and no expert but if you dont have diet and training on point theres no point getting gear.All the supplement shakes pills in the world will never substitute hard work and disciplin because there is no substitute for that.If your still a little lost like has been said why not go see a nutritionalst and explain what you want to do and give that a run.Diet is where it starts before anything else.If thats not on point youll find it hard to achive what you want.Only my 2 cents. Im no expert
  11. Allso here are some stats of me Age 31 5ft11 112kg Gymming 5-6 times a week(mostly weights) Diet not so good Chardio is allmost non excistant
  12. Hey mate ive been warming back into it last couple weeks and been getting into a good mind set so im looking to get into beast mod again.Diet defintly needs a good tidy up and thats what ive been working on last few days.Happy with how trainings going im not what i was but can feel it comming back not getting to hung up on numbers yet but looking to step it up a bit now
  13. I might give this a go.If you like the beta A you could allways buy a tub of it and add a bit extra to it when you mix it up
  14. Hi I have been gymming on and off for the last 10 years i got right into it for awhile but the last year or so i have got very fat and let myself go.Im not a body builder i just like going gym and would allso like to get back in shape