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  1. Great comments BigMD Having been out back at comps with both Steve and Kagan you can tell these lads have real focus. Hard workers who are prepared to give everything to get to their ultimate goal. My personal opinion of Steve's physique has always been freak! He's got stirations on stirations and muscle on muscle. His weakness has always been posing (can, is been fixed) and his chest. Looking at the pics from the comp last week it appears his chest is filling out and taking a more pleasing shape. He has years ahead of him to fix and adjust things so the reality is he will end up one of our best pros. Steve and Kagan keep up the hard work lads, most of us are in awe of what your doing.
  2. Anzac NRL match

    Not defending the Ozzies but the Kiwis played like a bunch of muppets in the 2nd. If only they kept up with all the promise of the first half. Certainly no illegal use for the Oz Oly team either, living over here we have seen them put through the wringer with all this ASDA bullshit the last few months.
  3. Garrets Fight

    Awesome vid. Full credit to his old man as well.
  4. epic show, 5th in the end

    Geez I remember when Mens Classic was getting all this flack. Quotes like: Classic is for pretend BB and wannabes hahaha. Mens Classic is looking pretty good now isn't it (well if it was still a class :pfft: ). These new classes aren't my cup of tea but hey as long as they bring in the dollars and audience it's good for everybody. On another note this class is getting big in OZ as well and the guys doing it are bloody tanks compared to us athletic class guys.
  5. Squats are great

    Cheers fella
  6. Squats are great

    I'll drag this thread back..... :pfft: For all you Oly lifters or Power Lifters do you know my good sites or youtube vids that show good front squat techniques? I'd normally ask someone locally but none at the gym I go to and I'm having trouble breaking a certain weight on my front squat. Feels more like a form issue than strength.
  7. Deadlift

    SLD for hammies all the way..........If you concentrate on activating the hammy and the ham glute tie in instead of maxing out on weight you will see (feel :puke:) the best results. In saying that if you can lift heavy and still isolate get into it.

    Been watching CT vids for a while (a while in internet time aint that long haha) ..........seems like a good guy with a pretty shitty upbringing. http://www.strength-project.com/uncategorized/the-strongest-man-youve-never-heard-of-ct-fletcher/ "20 minute anything is a pile of bullshit"
  9. Blade Runners Roid Rage

    OZ media are reporting the detective got it well and truely wrong. Just a herbal product was found..........no link to steroids or anything banned by the IOC.
  10. What BF% am I?

    I'm guessing above 15% but that is just my opinion. In my experience people tend to exaggerate them selves to be a lot lower than actual. follow the link below, good rough guide in the pictures. http://www.builtlean.com/2012/09/24/body-fat-percentage-men-women/
  11. sbw v botha rigged? 3news

    Should throw him in the ring with Rob Berridge. Even though Rob would come in a lot lighter I'm sure he would make short work of SBW.
  12. Witch hunt

    Not sure if you guys are aware of the big news story over here at the moment. AFL team found to be using peptides and possibly other bits and bobs to produce better results. Results yes! Downside the massive injuries that followed spiked the interest of some and well now the rest is history. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/essendon-engulfed-by-drug-controversy-20130205-2dwmb.html
  13. Personal trainers christchurch

    If your going to a City Fitness see Richard Parnham or his wife Annette. Both are highly ranked BB and know what they are doing.
  14. is low-carb really the way to go?

    Drop them out slowly if at all. The key to cutting is to listen to your body, if your full and not dropping cut a little out and vica versa. There is no one diet fits all :wink:
  15. I declare WAR!

    I'm guessing by "other bullshit" you mean common sense? If it isn't perhaps you could be more specific. The fact that I have to even clarify what I'm talking about is the problem. I wasn't referring to your "common sense" posts as you put them, I'm referring to the extra posts surrounding them. You can make a point about dose/amounts and cycle but if the guy doesn't agree with you or doesn't want to know then drop it. The continual hounding and bullshit posts on this forum is why a lot of us now stay well clear of it. A crying shame really because there is a huge amount of knowledge floating around here that tends to get lost in amongst the crap. In saying that it's still the best forum of its type in Australasia thanks to those good posts and contributors.