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  1. Nothing is wrong with them have done them all up 5 times and experienced what seemed to be like standard pip... My last one just flared up and have some swelling that a little around my tailbone. It bruised pretty bad around wher i pinned so I thought maybe I either hit a bad spot or moved pin around too much. I'd like to stay glute if poss but struggling to roll out of bed due to pip for 12 weeks is not worth it. Just wanted to get any tips or ideas as to why in wk3 its still so sore. Rookie chat I know...
  2. Sweet thanks for replies. Will do some research and plan next site. Ive read a bit on ventro but finding the site always is about having someone else locate it. Any links to help would be much appreciated
  3. I have 23G and test goes in no dramas. Reason I like dorsal glute as it seemed the most straight forward, and from most accounts generally painless. Do you think it's worth giving it one more week and if no change, mix up the sites or just give something else a nudge?
  4. So studied up some more like was suggested and went with 250mg split for weeks 1-2 and just started week 3 on 500mg split. Have been going glute (top outside quarter) and rotating between left and right. I expected initial pain for the first couple weeks for sure, and it's come with dull aches and little bit of redness every now and then. I pinned again last night with my first 1ml dosage and its was pretty uncomfortable straight away. And of course woke up this morning and it's niggly as, like usual. Im sure im doing everything that I should, everything is sterile, I get a fresh needle to inject with, after drawing, and have been tryig to inject at 90degrees. Has anyone got any suggestions or better sites to give a go? I can handle the pain but it's making any leg workouts a bitch. Ahould i was xpect my body to get use to them? Or is rotating just the two sites not giving them enough time? Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Haha good analogy M4Matty. Yeah I'm thinking after the first go I should be sweet. Top outside quarter of glute. Those that get bloods, how often do you have them done in the cycle? One before ofcourse then a couple throughout? Thoughts on an AI through the cycle? I read so many different POV. I thought that if I do bloods enough I'll use it when/if I need it? Diet wise do you guys up your maintenance by 500cals give or take? My maintenance is around 3500 atm
  6. Thanks all for feedback. I'm not planning on kicking off tomorrow, I am going to do more reading. Wouldn't a good plan to ask people in the know as well to get their POV? Cheers for all the info tho guys, helps to hear others thoughts/experiences
  7. Ok ok I knew SQ would be frown upon... If I go IM what would you suggest is the easiest/least likely to mess up site? Also this might be a stupid question but what gauge pin is most ideal and where does everyone get them from?
  8. Hey lads, I'm unfortunately going to do a 'first cycle' post... I have done a bhit of reading up so I am hoping not to sound like a ballbag. Here is my plan of attack. Any feedback much appreciated: Test E only Wk1-2 250mg split across Mon/Thurs Wk3-12 500mg split Wk13 250mg split Wk14 125mg split Ideally I am hoping the taper will mean I won't need Aromasin but will have some just incase. I am not a fan of needles at all so am going to intially go sub Q first week or so until I sack up. I've read enough feesback and a couple articles tobe confident it will still be sweet. How does that all sound? Btw I am 29, around 175cm, 90kg, and about 15/16%. Been training since I was around 18.