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  1. The Facebook group: “Testosterone Replacement New Zealand” was helpful.
  2. You may care to look at the Facebook Group: “Testosterone Replacement New Zealand”.
  3. Does any one know of a NZ GP who would do well with an interview based on this video? 10 Questions to ask your GP before TRT Any recommendations of NZ GP's who understand the subject?
  4. I have a prescription for Pregnyl 1500IU x 4 ............... Does anyone know where the most cost effective place to buy this from is in NZ?
  5. Hi lmdlmd you might find this link useful https://www.testosteronewisdom.com/nvcoaching/ With Nelson helping, I would then change GP and hope fo a better outcome. Get some of Nelsons books or watch his video’s on excel Male.com and YouTube. Good luck
  6. After quite a lot of research the best I could come up with in NZ was Eric Thorstensen <e.thorstensen@auckland.ac.nz> . He stated that “Estradiol is very difficult to measure to low levels because of the nature of the way it ionises, at best I can measure to 10pg/mL”. He went on to say: “The new(ish) Estradiol 3 assay for Roche analysers has a limit of detection of 5pg/mL which is better than I can measure, I actually use it instead of my LCMSMS method for low samples (plasma)”. I asked the same questions of DiscountedLabs.com in the USA who wrote: “I spoke with a technician at labcorp and he said that the Sensitive Estradiol test lowest range it will read is 5 and any levels lower than that would be reported as less than 5”. No units were stated in the reply. The ticket question number was: 3080 <info@discountedlabs.com> I didn’t follow up because I found that I have a high PSA level ….. My focus has moved to that.
  7. Sensitive Estradiol Test

    I understand that Estradiol is very difficult to measure to low levels because of the nature of the way it ionises. Auckland University have the LC/MS/MS capability and can measure to 10pg/mL ..... Is this sensitive enough for a Male assay? I thought the Male range was in the region of 13-54 pg/mL.
  8. Sensitive Estradiol Test

    The Dr aspect isn't too important (friendly Dr). The real issue is finding a Lab' that has the capability to do the E2 Estradiol (Male Assay) Sensitive LC/MS/MS test.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get an Ultrasensitive Estradiol (E2 - Oestradiol - Male assay) test done here in NZ? Auckland/Northland would be preferable.
  10. Sensitive Estradiol Test

    I would also like to know if it is possible to get an Ultrasensitive Estradiol (E2 - Oestradiol) test done here in NZ? I believe it is vital that the test centre uses Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) NOT Immunoassay (IA) test. If you want to see more about the required test I am looking for in NZ ... Have a look at this link https://www.labcorp.com/test-menu/24871/estradiol-sensitive-lc-ms