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  1. Get Strenth Safety Squat Bar

  2. Chasing that total

  3. Opening Gym?

    Can you get plates for $1/kg if you import them yourself? All I'll say is south island. Don't want to give too much away. Still a pipe dream tho. I'll just slowly keep making/buying Gear so that if I do pull the trigger I've got slot if it already
  4. Opening Gym?

    Yeah i notice alot of the successful gyms locally and elsewhere offer a bootcamp/class so would have to look at that. the strongman gear would be good in this aspect. Would look to build it up. It has been suggested to lease/ hire larger pieces of equipment. I already have a reasonable amount of gear, wont give too much away, but in a town of approx 30,000 with surrounding smaller towns. Not sure how the tax write offs work tbh, could you claim back on gear youve purchased, or taken loan to purchase?
  5. Opening Gym?

    With the rise of popularity with powerlifting, strength training and gyms in general in recent years, what are opinions on opening a gym in smaller town nz. Currently two 24h budget gyms, one council run gym (quite expensive and very cardio) and one other privately own gym, they have a fucked floor and dont allow any heavy weights/ chalk, they cater to circuit classes really. Still really in the dreamer stages atm, but have a business partner to go into it with if it does happen ( joint idea). We would target a certain market, and cater to strongman, powerlifting and bodybuilding/ physique. It may not suit all bodybuilding peps, but it would def be somewhere to go and lift heavy, Its def a risk and i do understand this, and i wouldnt quit my day job, my business partner would run it day to day. sometimes you have to roll the dice, what are everyone's thoughts, advise, def going to be someone tell me it wont work lol