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  1. Pancakes

    @Pseudonym I've never measured out quantities to make them haha I just eyeball it, but I guess I'll just have to make them again (oh no, how terrible) and work it out :D
  2. Pancakes

    · Rolled oats · Buckwheat · Cottage cheese · Egg whites · Banana · Cinnamon · Sweetener of choice · Baking powder · Baking soda Throw everything in a bowl and blend with a stick blender. Add milk or water if necessary to reach desired pancake-batter-consistency. Cook like normal pancakes. Top with yogurt/fruit/whatever.
  3. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    I've bought melatonin from iherb before, and didn't have any problems with it coming in. I didn't even know at the time that it was prescription only here. I only found out because I overheard a woman in Ceres mention something that had helped her sleep through the night and I asked what she'd been taking (it was tart cherry). I mentioned I'd bought some melatonin online and she was like, "Um, how? You know it's only available on prescription right?" I did not. Oh well. iherb ftw
  4. Looking for a gym buddy at Anytime Fitness in either Ponsonby or Takanini. I just joined recently and am mostly looking for accountability. Full disclosure - current fitness level is potato. Ideally looking for: female (any age, I'm mid-20s) early early morning workouts on weekdays
  5. Looking for a training partner Auckland

    Ponsonby does have an Anytime branch :)