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  1. Gym Buddy

    Hey, I currently train at pretty much all the Les Mills gyms or at Anytime Fitness so any of these would be good. I do weights, cardio and sometimes boxing depending if I have time I'm just looking to cut mainly at the minute but also just find people who train
  2. Gym Buddy

    Hi All, I am wondering if there are many people from around Auckland on here and if anyone is looking for a training partner?
  3. Les Mills - New Lynn

    Hey, I could probably train at New Lynn
  4. Hey Guys & Girls I have a membership and both Les Mills & Anytime Fitness and looking for a training partner to spot etc. I can pretty much train anytime from 4.30 am – 9.00 pm every day, so if anyone is around and fancies a training session let me know Kev
  5. Looking for a training partner Auckland

    Yeah im currently at anytime
  6. Bulk Meat online site?

    Yeah was pretty costly for 3 breasts i paid 11$
  7. Bulk Meat online site?

    Cheers it was only really as new world etc seem to be expensive and i wanted to buy in hulk for example muscle food in tjr uk stock 5kg for 25£ so about 60$
  8. Looking for a training partner Auckland

    Currently in in the cbd but will be moving to Ponsonby
  9. Hey guys Ive just moved to Auckland from the UK and looking for a training partner. Im currently at anytime fitness in the UK which i know have a gym in Ponsonby however open to move.
  10. Bulk Meat online site?

    Hey all In noving over from the UK were we have a site called muscle food and im just wondering if New Zealand has anything similar where you can order meat online?