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  1. TV - what are you watching?

    Nope, if you are watching it online and not downloading I can't that it is piracy.
  2. TV - what are you watching?

    All a waste of money. All of this stuff is available free to watch online.
  3. TV - what are you watching?

    Vinkings - great watching Weeds American Horror Story Hell on Wheels. Orange is the new Black
  4. Mini Cut 3+ Weeks...

    Well, TBH, not really. Gym has flooded, so having to train elsewhere. Kinda knocks my mojo. And, I'm REALLY not enjoying diet, even thought it's the most sane diet plan I've ever done. Big girl britches on and onwards and forwards though.
  5. Mini Cut 3+ Weeks...

    Keeping it real simple this year. South Island Champs in Dunedin and INBA a week later in Queenstown. If I win Sth IS Champs I will do Nats, if not oh well. If I qualify with INBA for Natural Olympia in Vegas, then it's off to Vegas I go.
  6. Mini Cut 3+ Weeks...

    Too true. I've only just started and have had 3 comments in the last week about how much better my back & delts are looking. LOL - they've always looked that way, they were just covered in a little more fat! Sounds like Alymer has a great plan for you this season. What comps are you aiming for?
  7. Whilst the gear itself maybe safer/purer, I don't think he was doing any 'due diligence' with regards to his patients safety. The media (only know what I've heard on TV/online) made it sound like he was writing scripts willy nilly without any pep/safety chats with his clients. Dealing with "the guy at the gym" probably gave more 'knowledge' than it appears this Doc gave.
  8. program example

    Just my 2 cents, but, I'm thinking for a chick that has been training for 6 months volume may be a little high, although Mon/Wed/Fri training days only may be OK.
  9. Protein Shakes!

    Don't be silly, of course if you don't have a shake immediately post work out your delts will fall off!!! PWO shake in water - but, only because I train in the mornings and it's another hour or so before I get to my desk to eat my oats. Placebo efeect or otherwise, it doesn't hurt to have a shake PWO (doesn't really hurt not to either).
  10. cardio fasted or post work out?

    Inb4 supplement sales rep Ok, OK - so skip the BCCAs. Just makes me feel like I've done everything avaiable to me to prevent muscle loss. I don't gain it easy, so I sure as hell don't want to lose any. Unless I can chose where to lose it from - then I chose legs, they could do with a little less. If only.........
  11. cardio fasted or post work out?

    Definitely a fan of fasted cardio, but why do you want to waste so much time on it? 15min HIIT on a black coffee and some BCCAs is the way.
  12. What I used to do, past tense as I've decided to hugely back off legs and focus on finding some real lats and shoulders to present a more balanced physique. Squats (to parallel) Weighted walking lunges Lying legs Curls - always 21s s/s with leg extensions (single legs followed by both legs) Stiff Leg Dead lifts Cable Abductors.
  13. Dusting off the olde bikini

    Thanks :-) It seems to me they are rewarding the smaller girls. Having more muscle doesn't appear to be yeilding the results I'm after. So, maybe they would prefer to see me in Physique. They definitely are not rewarding size.
  14. Dusting off the olde bikini

    So, South Island Champs last weekend and I placed 2nd, which I not entirely happy with. I believe, along with many others, I should of won my class. However, judges decision is final, so c'est la vie. Better luck next year I guess. The only positive I can take from it is that I don't feel obilged to now go do Nationals. As it stands I am still in the Novice Figure class. If I went to Nationals and placed I'd have to move into the Open class. So, no point in Nationals. I am evaluating whether I belong in the Figure class, or whether potentially the judges are trying to tell me I would be better suited to Physique.