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  1. Help me choose a power rack

    another one in the similar price range. https://www.no1fitness.co.nz/force-usa-home-power-rack-combo-05404?nav=5791
  2. Help me choose a power rack

    I'm not a heavy lifter at all. My goal is to reduce body fat percentage and improve strength.
  3. Help me choose a power rack

    I'm new to here. I have been working out for 3 months and decided to upgrade my squat rack to a power cage, preferably with a pulley. I have come across these two, and hope you guys could help me make the decision. Adidas power cage from No. 1 fitness https://www.no1fitness.co.nz/adidas-home-power-cage-rig-07735?nav=5730#read-reviews Marcy cage from Elite Fitness http://www.elitefitness.co.nz/consumer/product/6301/mfb7041-olympic-cage-system-with-lat Thank you in advance for your help.