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  1. Leaving fat behind

    Sw 118.7 CW 109.0 school holidays are the hardest I go into my shell and hibranate I have got to the gym for a couple of mornings but have been choosing to go for walks instead some days as we are having nice weather ? Im trying to eat more of a keto diet which so far I'm enjoying but who wouldn't ? In the gym I'm doing a more whole body workout only using machines (besides bench press)at the moment as my form is pretty sloppy I love to bench lately and each day I go I bench until I can't no more lol I want a tattoo chest piece at some point so need a great chest ??
  2. Leaving fat behind

    80kgs I'm always saying he is a chubby chaser ?
  3. Leaving fat behind

    Thanks for the nudge been meaning to pop on and yes I've been in the gym and also walking heaps as it's Easter so everyone is home. I'm enjoying hitting the weights again and earlier in the week decided to go hard on the x-trainer which in turn kicked my ass to the point where I thought oh shit I'm going to be sick ? I survived though and returned the next day which is out of character so I deem it a successful mission I do enjoy my time at the gym. I lost another 700gms last week ? SW. 118.7 CW. 110.0 GW. 65.0 on the topic of goal weight Ken does not again and actually loudly made this clear across our lounge room however I have always been told I am to be 55kgs to be healthy weight so part of me just wants to see what "healthy" plus 10 looks like on me!
  4. Leaving fat behind

    SW: 118.7 CW: 110.7 GW: 65.0 Been a long few crazy days at work so haven't got to the gym but back to it today with 2 days off for the weekend it makes it easier to get In there my goal this week is too make time and not excuses & get to the gym girl!!!?
  5. Leaving fat behind

    Ken is a hard man to train with @Pseudonym and I am not the easiest to train i have to admit ? I have taken before pics and thank goodness I don't have to post as I am very embarrassed how far 1 can let oneself go however when I reach where I'm heading I probably will because I will no longer be her and will want constant reminder that without hard work you can end up back there very quickly
  6. Leaving fat behind

    so think we should all line up to take a hit kenny :P
  7. Leaving fat behind

    Up early today for my next training session I have abandoned my hubby because, well I wanted to punch him lol so best I find another way so I'm looking for a program that suits me. I'm feeling confident in the gym and I know my limitations. I've almost lost 7kgs this year and it's only a tiny bit off what I need too lose I'm not getting impatient this time thank God as it is slow goings.
  8. Leaving fat behind

    Yesterday I trained legs and after some pretty pitiful squats, legcurls and leg extentions I abandoned the weight room and headed to the trusty treadmill, today I'm struggling to move and look like I have a pole up my ass ? Today I worked on my arms and chest not as strong as I used to be but hey I gotta start somewhere. I was excited to get to the gym today and even uped the cardio session after the weights.
  9. Leaving fat behind

    So here I sit with all the knowledge I have read the books done the programs and had all the success that you get from hard work. After 3 kids and just pure laziness I'm again looking at an obese woman staring back, my doctor states I can't lose weight because I'm a good looking woman and I don't hate myself enough lol he may be right to a certain extent but I do hate myself for letting food control me. So yesterday I bit the bullet turned to my husband whom is a powerlifter and asked for help he took me straight to the gym and we signed up, the lady asked me whom I would like to train me as I turned and looked at 3 pretty boys I said none of them thank you my husband will train me he looked proud so how can I say no to someone whom has genuine support for me. Today after work is my first session I'm scared but excited at the same time. Wish me luck x