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  1. cycle after anadrol and test cyp

    Pretty much what the plan was going to be. Keep running Test then after a 4 week break from the Anadrol run dbol for 4 weeks. Then I'm pretty much heading into my cut
  2. cycle after anadrol and test cyp

    So real So are you saying rather than changing up compounds it's your view that a total break will be more beneficial than say ruining a test and anadrol cycle then straight into a test and Dbol cycle?
  3. cycle after anadrol and test cyp

    Thanks Dazy69 thats one of the reasons for the change up. I'd prob run Sus with Decca as I prefer the longer acting ether in sus
  4. cycle after anadrol and test cyp

    Normally run Sus so wanted to try another Test to give the receptors a break. I ran Decca once before with Sus and good results and was another option for post anadrol.cycle. Never ran or researched Superdrol. Is this similar to Anadrol in its traits. Last comp I was on stage at 74kg and sub 5% bodyfat. The goal is to add a few kilo muscle and be on stage this October at high 70kg's and sub 5%
  5. cycle after anadrol and test cyp

    I'm just doing 25mg bro. I'm always a little anxious when it comes to orals as I tend to get bad back pumps. It lives up to its reputation. Sure my appetite was up but that could also be attributed to pushing more weights/higherworkload. As well.as running the Anadrol with test Cyp I have some clen left over from my cut for my show last year so running that at 5 days on 2 off to help limit the fat gain from increased calories
  6. Hamstring Training

    You could do standing leg curl by utilizing the leg extension machine. Lying leg curl using a dumbell between the feet or good mornings
  7. cycle after anadrol and test cyp

    Thanks Daz69. Pretty much what I was going to run. Dbol and Sus was my first ever cycle and got massive results from the Dbol. Only issue was severe back pumps. Maccaz done research mate but also like to back this up with discussions from people who have experienced. This was my first time running Anadrol so wanted to see what others may have some.
  8. cycle after anadrol and test cyp

    Sorry was asking what cycle would people run next after anadrol. Still running Test Cyp but anadrol portion of cycle has finished
  9. Hi team Wondering if there are any reccomendations for what to run after a test cyp and anadrol cycle.