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  1. TRT Hamilton

    Thanks for that, this is exactly why I thought I'd put the link up and ask here. I guess my gut feeling was right and the trouble with these guys is that because they would want you to become and ongoing paid patient they would probably prescribe you with the treatment whether you really needed it or not.
  2. TRT Hamilton

    Fair enough, I definitely agree with that. I was just concerned as to why it would be on the low end of the scale when I have a very healthy life style, low stress and good exercise program. I guess it boils down to whether you see the therapy as more of an lifestyle/health enhancer or a last resort for a person with extremely low testosterone. A GP seems to view it as a last resort where as a health clinic (especially in the states) seem to view it as a why would you not do it if you're on the low side and sell it as a very low side effect treatment.
  3. TRT Hamilton

    is that not on the low side if the range is 9 - 30? I am 29 years old and it was tested in the morning.
  4. TRT Hamilton

    Thanks for that, really appreciate it. I had blood tests done at a gp about 18 months ago, the only result I have is Testosterone: 14.4 nmol/L ( 9 - 30) they just told me I was fine but not sure where that result would put me in the range?
  5. TRT Hamilton

    Hi guys, Long time follower but never posted before. Just wondering if anybody in Hamilton has ever visited this guy below to have their test levels checked? http://www.medcom.co.nz/testosterone/