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  1. Hi everyone , been a long time since I bought whey. Cannot tolerate WPC so started at the top with ON Gold Isolate and have had no major digestion issues - which is fantastic! Only thing is its not exactly cheap averaging around $130 for a 5lb tub. Since there are some experienced users of isolate on here is there a better value for money iso that does not cause digestive issues. Here are some ive narrowed it down to. If anyone has some advice I would really appreciate it rather than spend a fortune trialing and error. Thank you http://www.evolvsupplements.co.nz/wpi-whey-protein-isolate-powder.html#nutrition https://nz.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/impact-whey-isolate/10530911.html https://scorpionsupplements.co.nz/supplements/scorpion-wpi-3-x-1kg/ https://www.nzprotein.co.nz/product/value-whey-isolate-1kg https://kiwinutrition.co.nz/collections/whey-protein-isolate-nz/products/nz-whey-protein-isolate-vanilla-1kg https://nz.iherb.com/pr/California-Gold-Nutrition-Very-Vanilla-Flavor-Whey-Protein-Isolate-5-lbs-2270-g/82707 https://www.bulkpowders.co.nz/shop-by-range/protein-powder/whey-protein-isolate.html https://www.nzmuscle.co.nz/nz-muscle-isolate-1kg-bag
  2. Hello , anyone had any experience with GDA's while doing CKD's - carb depletion/carb ups etc? Thank you
  3. Hello , cannot tolerate whey concentrate , any advice on a good isolate for sensitive stomach (fodmaps possibly) that makes a good protein sludge? Thank you
  4. cheap protein website!!

    eek i wouldnt send my money there
  5. yeah im trying to focus on the squeeze in fly's rather than reps and weight , then go up from there , and also feeling good in db press
  6. cool , thanks for the replys
  7. Ice Cream

    in the states theres all that but havent seen that over here - they have sugar free bbq sauce too , ronnie coleman used to put that shit on his chips http://www.waldenfarms.com/
  8. progress to first competition

    yeah mate, cardio was everyday for 40-45 mins first thing in the morning on only protein and BCAA's. Diet extremely low carb. 2 weeks out was 1 cup oats with meal one then no more carbs just green beans. weights 5x per week in the afternoons. thats pretty full on - i see some people are taking these BCAA's - is that taken during situations like above? eg volume cardio/low carbs
  9. progress to first competition

    do you have a breakdown of your cardio/diet/lifting routine? the weeks leading up to the comp that is
  10. Two years of hard work finally paid off.

    I'm 5'10" congrats! are you going to put up what you did to get to your goals?
  11. progress to first competition

    what bf% are you at comp if you know? u have no prob getting lean!
  12. progress to first competition

    good work , takes balls to do a show.

    yep not good , guess that means i like boys :wink:

    wtf :-s ...anyways just hate the way the steroid look has gone from awesome to freak ......