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  1. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Like I said I will tell him before I get into it.. Iv still given myself two weeks to get prepared as can be before I decide to go for this wee bicycle ride ??
  2. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    That part I haven't dealt with yet ... I know I should probably tell him before I decide to jump into it tho.. Tbh I'd just feel a lil uncomfortable telling him only cos sorta not on that level of relationship yet haha but i will get round to it.. thanks man! Appreciate it!
  3. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Photos as of this morning weighing 77kg had a bit of a blow out on diet yesterday haha, Iv got a family wedding to go to on the 9th and 10th march so might start after then because I know I'll be drinking be rude not too so might just get that out way first then ill be going ahead
  4. City fitness Albany

    Anyone train at city fitness Albany on this forum ? The old club physical
  5. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Shot for all the responses man! I'm taking it most of the people above who replied have been on a few cycles so I'm not gunna be stubborn n not listen, So from what Iv gathered I'll drop the dbol that can wait till another time, as for test e dosages I said 500mg because that seems to be the general baseline everyone says to start at, Im thinking I'll go for 125mg x 2 shots/week for 4 weeks then start increasing up Slowly to 250mg x 2 shots a week does that sound a lil bit better? I dunno about you guys but I highly doubt my stuff is properly dosed anyway lol I'm not sure if you can mention lab brands on here but if you can could someone let me know so I can say and get opinions on the brand? As for nutrition I stick to the plan as much as I can but working a physical job 10 hours plus training at 5 in the morning the old hunger n metabolism's feels like it's on crack atm so I do have little snacks here n there off the plan, as for pct... Im starting to get pretty confused with all these opinions now haha... forgot to to mention I do 14 min hiit 4 x week after workouts, ( not on back and leg days) as for the details on my bloods not to fussed if someone wants to hunt me down lol go for it... I'm not really that exciting to stalk lol ?
  6. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Besides the stupid idea of one shot a week, have you ran ran dbol before? Just curious because everyone says it's just turns you into a water buffalo 8 times out of 10 I'm thinking if that's the case whys anyone bother with it? Do the results not outweigh the bloat from it?
  7. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    I'm currently on week 3 out of 12 of my nutritionists growth plan, I'm sorta getting impatient waiting till week 12 to jump on though because Iv got everything ready to go hahaha, i wanted to do 12 bro but my dealer sent me two instead of three vials lol... I can always order another vial if it's going really well at week 8-9 say? Thanks for thoughts on pct bro! Yeah it definetly changes from forum to forum that's for sure... Americans forums always seem to say to run nolva clomid and hcg every cycle.. I'm thinking that may be overkill tho.. I'll just stick to nolva for now im thinking
  8. 1st cycle Start to Finish 500mg/week 25mg Dbol/Day

    Pre cycle bloods if anyone's interested... pre cycle progress photos to come..
  9. Sup! New to the forum.. so for starters... *Age - 23 *weight - 76kg *height - 175cm *years lifting - 3 (last year off and on due to injurys) Iv decided I want to jump on my first cycle and after reading up and studying a bit here's what Iv come up with all advice,opinions,thoughts welcome! Weeks 1-10 - 500mg/week, two shots 250mg Monday and Thursday weeks 1-4 Dbol 25mg taken 30 ish mins before workout weeks 12-14 nolva 20/20/40/40 - Have a bottle of arimidex on hand if gyno symptoms arrive, between reading American and New Zealand forums most Americans seem to say take from day one.. most New Zealand forums say have on hand and if symptoms arrive start taking.. still studying wether to order Nac or liv52 for on cycle liver support, can anyone chime in on experiences with taking liver supports during cycle and if they affected oral effectiveness? I'm more leaning towards taking liver support from day one on cycle.. other supplemets I'm taking throughout - creatine, glutamine, vitamin c, magnesium, htp-5, fish oil, multi vitamin, black coffee and pre workout supplements, -Training wise - Having been using Ben oaks mi 40 foundation workout program on my 2nd round of using it so far and I quite like it so I'll probably stick to it and maybe go onto mi40 extreme half way thru cycle Depending how I'm feeling/looking. -Nutrition- im working with a well know nutritionist throughout nz so he handles that side of things so that's all in order. My questions to you guys - thoughts on dbol timing? Has anyone noticed better results by splitting dosages up throughout day evenly? My caps are 25mg - thoughts on taking arimidex from day one or waiting and seeing how I react? - will nolva suffice by itself for pct ? Or should I order some clomid too? Please comment if Iv missed anything?