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  1. Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    I tried to get a hold of a source for my personal gardening needs, but never heard from the guy at all.
  2. Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    results were a bit disappointing, I wonder if it had anything to do with the potency (actual potency) of the pills taken, I have read a lot of the local stuff being way under or over so while it may had been 400mg doses, the pills may had been 100mg? who and how they pack the stuff is anybodies guess. another thing to note may be that op in question already had a lean'ish physic to begin with, little bit skinny fat and might actually benefit more from gaining the right type of weight, as in hes not a fatass so the effectiveness of dnp may have been far less then expected, and whats left is well his required fat? genetics? as he's gained some of it back already. I dont know much just say'in..I know there is no way for the body to adapt to the stuff but a proper bf % is also an indicator of muscles vs the amount of fat one has. perhaps continuing the cycle for another week may had gotten some better results? But cant complain really. interesting topic non the less, I plan on doing a cycle myself (waits for all the death warnings)
  3. Yep, I just found his other thread, sorry to bring this back from the dead, hadn't figured how to look around this forum (yet). here's link to said topic for future ref
  4. am I to assume the cycle has shrunk his hands and he no longer has the use of his arms to reach the keyboard. hence we will never hear back from him again.
  5. DNP in nz

    So.......ah........... What was the conclusion to the topic? where are the before and after pics? did woodie get his dnp and did he then die?? did all the guys who touched this stuff, just fell flat on their faces and disappear? lol no seriously keen; have been reading up on this for a while, all pom & yank forums tho, glad to find a place to discuss things out for future rose gardens.
  6. How did you find this site?

    google led me here really, was after some advise on a thing or two I might post up in a bit.