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  1. Customes in NZ

    Not in our instant gratification society 😉
  2. Pushup beginner

    Nice! That's probably more than the average male ?
  3. Handstand pushups

    Cracked my 5th in my lifetime tonight lol. Good fun learning to do it but it just takes ages getting your body used to not being a wobbly piece of shit ? Wouldn't worry about it too much, if you can overhead press like 80% of your BW, you can easily do these (once you get used to the stabilisation). For some people getting over the fear of being upside down is the hardest part lol, spent hours watching my flatmate fail just trying to kick his legs up... ? If you're not used to being upside down then I suggest instead of flicking your legs up, walk up in reverse against the wall (so your stomach ends up facing the wall). Get used to just holding that for 30-60 seconds. Then once you're able to hold it comfortably, try the hand stand pushup.
  4. 6 month progress

    What Psuedo said. I personally believe the marginal increase in muscle mass is definitely not worth the mental and physical stress you will go through later to burn all that fat. I'm still reeling from an accidental dirty bulk lol. https://www.iifym.com/iifym-calculator/ To get a rough idea of how much you should be eating. But it isn't the Bible, basically test the calories they suggest and see if your body weight moves at the speed and in the direction you wanted it too. What's your training program?
  5. There's nothing miraculous you can do. Although there's a good chance a decent portion of that 5kg is water weight from all the extra carbs you were consuming. Just cut back carbs for a few days first off, deplete your glycogen stores a little, and then see where your weights at. At the end of the day though you've just extended your dieting down period though, something which we all do now and then I'd say. There's a lot of factors at play though. How much were you exercising at 1800 Cal's? What's your estimated maintenance? Etc... If you were overdoing the diet (rushing it), then I'm not surprised if your body threw a fit and we're sending you crazy signals in the form of cravings. Don't go overdoing it the next 2 weeks trying to play catch up though in my opinion. You will set yourself up for failure, maybe get sick as well if you're too run down during cold/flu season, and that'll delay things even further.
  6. Probably Les Mills, either the one on Lambton Quay or the "Extreme" one on Taranaki st.
  7. Pushup beginner

    Most girls can't do a proper pushup first try, so definitely don't be embarrassed by it lol. Like ratz said, just do knee push-ups and like you've been doing, pushing actions against counter tops and the like. You can also do it daily unless you're going to absolute failure.
  8. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    It's gotten easier the last year or two from what I've heard. You even get time outs if you're too stressed? ?
  9. Weet-bix

    Yeah, his question is too vague. The answer to every "should I eat ....?" question is that it depends.... -What else you're eating -How often you're planning to eat it, etc Quick Google of "is weetbix healthy" actually brought up a thread on this forum comparing it to oats lol.
  10. Looking for a mentor.

    Haha, pork ribs is my vice lol ?
  11. Looking for a mentor.

    According to meat producer sponsored "health" promoting orgs in the states usually. Bottom line, meat offers you nothing you can't get elsewhere from less carcinogenic sources. It does have some stuff in higher concentrations of course, but that's not a sufficient reason to eat it the way I see it. Do I eat meat? f*ck yeah, but once or twice a week only for the last two months. Also gave up milk, and that was the best decision ever. Have I lost size or strength? No. Did I save money not buying meat products? Yes. And I'm South African, I was pretty much raised on steak and boerewors, but I need only look at the health of my immediate and extended family to see the effects of a diet excessively high in animal products (especially meat). It's an interesting topic though for sure, but since we all know f*ck all in general since there's a convenient lack of studies into this, an open mind is good ?
  12. Came to find a gym buddy and found a burrito buddy instead ?
  13. Good luck mate, hope you find a burrito and gym buddy! ?
  14. Looking for a mentor.

    I reckon just eat more and be paitent. Personally I'd never jump on any gear, but each to their own. But I suggest you take full advantage of your natural potential before going down that route. You may find with proper nutrition and training that your progress is satisfactory (which if you're being impaitent is fucking unlikely). Think about why you want to get bigger/stronger too, and if it's something you intend to monetize, if not, again I suggest don't go down the gear route. But again, just my personal opinion. In regards to getting the calories in, maybe have that mass gainer in some oats with peanut butter. Easy way to bump that up. Fats in general, although satiating, can quickly bulk up your calorie intake.
  15. Looking for a mentor.

    76kg at 180 isn't too bad, must already have a bit of muscle from CrossFit ? I started at 72kg at 184 and wasnt too twig-like. All the best with your search for a mentor mate!