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  1. Love it. 😂
  2. NZ is more expensive than Aus mate, mostly due to a lack of competition of course. No argument about the quality of the majority of the States' meat haha. 😅 You're a fairly pessimistic chap aren't ya PETN?
  3. Vacuum packed meat with some shipping ice bags in a styrofoam box ships with couriers at pretty reasonable prices for suppliers and if your buying 10kg+ of meat and saving $2/3 a kg, it's definitely cheaper. I purchase meat and other products from the South African stores (not to save money), and this works pretty well for them. Again, the question was regarding bulk meat purchase, and economies of scale is definitely applicable here. 👍 Also, if you look at comparable countries, like the US and Australia, you'll notice our meat prices is woefully higher factoring income in. If you live/have lived in Aus, this would be instantly recognisable. Just because a concept is foreign doesn't mean it's wrong. NZ is lagging behind other developed countries in a few ways. Perhaps a good business venture, starting an online regional based bulk butchery service? 😉
  4. Lol someone's got issues. Online stores are generally cheaper because of low overheads, and since meat is expensive as f*ck in NZ, this is a fairly logical question. Perhaps it's a case of simple economics, not social behaviour, Mr. aggressive anti social behaviour. 😉
  5. If you don't need a high degree of focus during work then definitely go before and use your energy for the quality workouts rather than work haha. 😉 But ultimately train when it suits your lifestyle and at a time that is sustainable long term for you (so you don't end up skipping days because you are too tired).
  6. I figured as much, but what you should know is that conveying these benefits can't be rather pointless unless you do it effectively and completely (big picture shit). Although the benefits to bodybuilding is a pretty good hook. 😉
  7. That's not relatable for most of us. 😉 There are countless other reasons to go vegan too, potentially more important too, like the environment ,numerous other health benefits, and sustainability in general. But I personally think an entirely restricted diet is impractical for most of us, especially bodybuilders, as well as unnecessary. We would benefit more from just minimising the non plant based foods, with the purpose of signalling less demand (this helps with decreasing production and therefore improving environmental and sustainability concerns, however minimally). This strategy is also more sustainable in our day to day lives, because let's be honest, the shift to a completely plant based diet isn't easy and people will just fall off the bandwagon and give up entirely. So yeah, I'd say a 90% vegan diet would be much better suited, and off memory the author the China Study himself said it would indeed still reap many of the benefits. This is a pretty unwelcome subject in NZ though because we're up shit creek without a paddle if our animal product production became unnecessary tomorrow. 😉
  8. Compared to a commercial gym I think lifting focused gyms are probably better for you because the people there know what they are doing and are obviously passionate about the same thing you are looking to get into it. I'm guessing that's what he means.
  9. No experience with those gyms but the easiest way to learn is to ask someone (the guy in the gym you aspire to look like/lift like most). That's easier said than done though because not everyone is friendly and communicative, but I'm sure you'll find someone who can help you out. Otherwise it seems pretty common to post here requesting a lifting buddy and that's probably the best way to go initially (hopefully they are experienced), so that they can monitor your technique (form and contraction) consistently, because that's the biggest concern early on. Alternatively, YouTube is an excellent resource for both exercise and nutrition advice and entertainment to boot. However this doesn't provide feedback on your own technique and recording your workouts and replaying them to critique your form isnt very effective when you may not know what to look for. The PTs at the commercial gyms honestly don't teach you that much (not their fault always) because they don't have the time/motivation unless you sign up with them on a regular basis. Summary: Lifting buddy.
  10. I agree that for the average person with normal levels of testosterone there will only be negligible increases, but for someone with low testosterone for whatever reason, I do think it has some value. In saying that, do you need to spend that money on a concoction like that? Probably not, I solely supplemented using proven nutrients for restoring hormone balances initially and that did the trick for me, and was pretty cheap too. I think by and large it's mostly overtraining (stress), and caffeine or other stressors in our lives that tend to mess with our cortisol, impacting our testosterone levels (at least for gym goers). Hell I even considered "mindfulness" for a while, but I'm too restless for something like that.
  11. Not sure if this will help but I had below normal levels of testosterone about 3 months ago at the end of my cut. For me this was due to over training for a few months and copious amounts of caffeine which boosted cortisol and consequently fucked with my testosterone. It took me about 8 weeks but with; Vitamin D, ZMA, Fengugreek, Swiss men's multi, Almost all decaf coffee (I drink 5-8 cups a day), And a bit more of a sensible gymming schedule. I've managed to return to about normal levels, with energy levels and libido and the like seemingly normal. I was pretty surprised that it happened to me at 26, but it just shows it can happen pretty young if you do stupid shit. Anywho, that's my experience, I'm currently trying Test Freak, for shits and giggles (3/4 of the recommended dose though) and will let you know if that seems to make any impact too.
  12. Agreed, 6 hours of cardio a week is likely 2000-3000 extra calories he could be storing away, not to mention saving 6 hours a week. Win/Win. 😉
  13. Thanks mate, looking at INBA. Oh yeah, too true, forgot about that one, before November 2016 I hadn't isolated biceps in years haha .
  14. You're absolutely right, I guess it's just a case of the old we never look quite good enough/ready in our own eyes. Plus the experience good or bad will help in the future too. Yeah, chest and shoulders are a focus at this stage, but I'm also thinking lower back, so I've been hitting those hard the last 3 months. My original plan was to compete at INBA in Taupo in August, but now I am considering trying in Auckland in May first, just for the experience too. The only down side is cutting down again so soon and not spending the time working on the lagging areas enough? Thanks again for the advice!
  15. Hi guys, I've written a little about my situation and below I included some photos for opinions, and appreciate any advice guys. I've been gymming for a long time without any real purpose, and decided last year that I would like to try my hand at physique competitions. My motivation for limiting myself to physique is two fold; firstly I had a knee injury which prevented any effective sort of leg training for 2 years and therefore it's a substantially lagging area. And secondly, I've been bulkier in the past and would prefer to stay a bit leaner and athletic on a more constant basis. My concern is whether or not my physique is well suited for physique? And whether or not I should indeed compete this year? Below are some photos from 3 months ago when I did a little cut to see what I needed to work on and get an idea of my physique. Thanks again guys!