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  1. Hey I was just wondering can anybody point me in the direction of a Marco calculator whilst on a cycle I'm doing a test e 250 12 week cycle or even better give me an idea of what my intake should be, I'm eating like a bull, lean Food but am not actually keeping track of my numbers I do off cycle but am not sure if it should be higher protein and calories or not 23 years old Body fat 16% 86kgs 6ft Thanks
  2. Someone please help

    Kids probably got puffy nipples sore fucking quads
  3. Someone please help

    Alright bro you have a point there all I mean is like if the kids already started a cycle someone should at least help the dude so he doesn't f*ck up his hormones ect that how gear gets a bad name
  4. Bodybuilding and aesthetics

    Thanks bro! Working on it having real lean meals, on a cycle now so I'm trying to build muscle and burn fat
  5. Someone please help

    Take the other half ml you will be fine even look into frontloading though it looks like it's a bit late
  6. Someone please help

    sad to see all this shit feedback, this kid obviously went out of his way to get gear, he has goals but lacks knowledge now he could go Google search and get 1000 different answers or ask more knowledgeable members and get 1 good answer. I fucked up my first cycle due to not asking because people attack you for not knowing enough even thought I was willing to learn
  7. Bodybuilding and aesthetics

    I'm training for aesethics bro thanks for the feedback, the only problem is I find myself quite thick skinned if that makes sense don't see many veins but people always tell me I look real buff downside is I have build a gut due to dirty bulking
  8. Marijuana and working out?

    Interesting feedback guys, I did smoke it was year or two ago sometimes after the gym I found it would calm me down after the workout and I could stomach a huge dinner but then again I don't use Pre workout often anymore
  9. Might be a stupid question but is there any training difference between bodybuilding and aesthetics like zyzz for example used gear a lot never got huge but was musculnar and defined
  10. I have a few friends who smoke after they work out and I was wondering if that has any negative effects, not interested in smoking anything but just curious if many people do it. I guess you can consider weed a prescription medication these days so I posted here
  11. Just wondering what people prefer to do on test e do you think it's more effective to moderate bulk or try to burn fat while you build muscle