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  1. hahaha sense of humor ron,reply back if you angry.
  2. Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

    Yeah apparently they will sue each other if it gets to dirty,but f*ck it would be nice to see floyd take conors shinbone to his head.
  3. Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

    Its all on soon bros f*ck its gunna be a good one.get ya bets on and make sum $$$$$$$
  4. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    chur,yeah its good stuff, ilive on it bro
  5. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    Sumone told me that eating heaps of celery is good and give you a big load lol ,i ate that shit for 6 months and it worked it fulled her mouth up This what i just read interesting bros Is celery good for your libido? While celery may not be the first food that comes to mind when you're thinking sex, it can be a fantastic source food for sexual stimulation. This is because it contains androsterone, an odorless hormone released through male perspiration and turns women on. How to enjoy this libido food: Celery is best eaten raw. Eat celery my brothers and keep the women happy!!!
  6. lower dose cycle test

    nah bro its not low thats a good starting dose,250 is what i reckon.
  7. lower dose cycle test

    Yeah twice is better for your blood levels mate,ive just been doing it once lately though coz im always away or sumwhere and im not carrying needles with me everwhere.thats just me though mate.it works good for me once a week still get the gains i want.try it both ways i reckon ,everbodys body reacts diffrent.if i take 500mg of test e a week i get better gains from that then taking 800mg a week.the human bodys a crazy thing.ive see n a video of lee preist talking about low doses of test,good video.just when you take these hormones allways be safe bro coz they can do damage.
  8. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    i read the first few post,hahaha when you play with these drugs they can f*ck you if you dont do it rite bro,but we all make mistakes lol lkearn from them homie.i will be honest coz thats who i am do research first,just like when i lost my virginity i watched 100 porn vids just to see where to put it hahahaha.but yeah ive come of juice before and had to wait a while for my normal levels to come back thats coz i was a fuckn dum f*ck but we human and we not perfect.they will come back i hope coz life to short not to f*ck the girls lol.i got sum viagra f*ck that shits mean.i dont need it but the women said iwas a beast lol.dont worry mate it be back go see doc and tell him.if you guys gota beef come to my garage lol and fight hahaha nah.i dont know either of you but im sure you both good dudes respect each otha bros,all fight .chur bros take it easy and peace,but always do your research.coz i put it up her bum.
  9. UFC and positive tests

    wanderlei silva is my boy,love ever fight even the ones he lost,and vitor belfort fastest banger there was.f*ck pride was the shit man,i miss those soccer kicks.And mark hunt to.
  10. Fat piece of shit

    Start fighting its the best way to lose weight,get a bag and smash it!but get to the docs and get your blood preasure checked and all the other things the doc needs to do,just to be safe bro,we dont want fatgig to be deadgig from a heart attack lol i would feel bad,good on you know bro i respect those that put in the work,gotta be a soldier,chur.
  11. Fat piece of shit

    het fatgig hows it going?what you have for breakfast? hahaha no mc d's bruv,im gonna check up on you homie for support hahaha.
  12. New to gymnation

    welcome mate
  13. Fat piece of shit

    yeah bro kiwi said it rite!f*ck i know its easy to have no willpower,but you can become who ever you want to be,hahah i wanna be batman lol nah but yeah stay motavated bro and when you see your gains that makes you fight for it harder.Just eating clean food makes you feel and look better and training is second bro.I remember when i was a little kid lol and mum said you are what you eat and i said im not a fucken piece of broccoli mum lol.its true though coz i ate pizza for a year and trained hard everday and i started looking like a greasy fatty cheesey motherfukn pizza lol.You can do it bro.
  14. T3 Worth it?

    yeah the shred game not for me this nigga need his carbs,my diet is meat greens and good carbs.hahaha and yeah heart rate goes to fast.
  15. Handstand pushups

    chur yeah they are good aye,i like doing bodyweight exercises.Yeah those crossfit fellas do them.Muscle ups are a otherone that i want to do,ive just started doing them f*ck it takes a couple weeks to get them,for me anyways.