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  1. My first one i just dun 250mg of test e once a week on a monday,just to see how my body reacted to the test.I got good gains from that.Thats what i did any way mate,i think its always good to start a bit lower for the first time just to be safe,coz you mite take a higher dose and go loco on everone hahahaThis pic was taken while i was on my first cycle way back in the day.Hahaha check those hard niples out,f*ck i must of been a horny c*nt lol
  2. f*ck floyd,sorry if i hurt anyones feelings but i gota tick lol evertime i see his name i gotta say f*ck floyd.Whos going to win?i would like conor to win,but this is a boxing match so floyd maybe,f*ck floyd hahaha sorry homies fuckn tick.
  3. My prick bro,she said i could put it in her other hole but she said it was sore,i said get used to it coz we gotta pin it in there ever monday.
  4. my first time taking test e,i just took 250mg a week just one shot on a monday.i took only 250 coz it was my first time and i wanted to see how my body reacted to it.f*ck it was good brothas! mean results!Everone at the gym where saying i looked jacked hahaha and i told them f*ck its the tuna shakes that i drink hahahaha.Just stick the needle in ya ass bro hahaha it wont hurt or maybe a little,just pinch the skin on the part you are going to put the needle in,coz it numbs it so when you stick that needle in you dont feel it.The needle dont hurt anyway bro,its all in ya head lol just like when you lose virginity lol i sit there and go ummm i hope i f*ck this bitch right hahaha and once i stuck it in it was all good hahaha and smash that shit,hahah of topic but yeah bro you do it its over.but still ill fucking a bitch is better lol but the whole needle thing its all in ya head, for me anyway.But ive and a few shots that hurt,f*ck i put it in my quad once and f*ck it was fucken sore bro,soon as i put it in my leg twitched and the fucken needle came out lol so i had to put it back in,fucks sake aye it was pretty sore.anyways bro thats my needle experience,once you do it its all sweet, not as sweet as pussy brothas hahaha just a little pin prick homie.
  5. yeah this one http://www.needle.co.nz/new/fastpage/fpengine.php/outlet_summary.html/15 just walk in bro put ya hood on so no one sees you lol,thats where all the junkies go f*ck them,i just walk in there and they just give ya a big bag of what ya want.and she will go do you know how to safely use them blah blah blah yes mam i do !hahaha and then get out.
  6. yeah bro it worked for me but i ate to much of it and got a bit fat lol.i never cooked it i use to go out with a part samoan girl and i got her mum to cook it hahaha .you keep it up mate go hard.
  7. Hey mate i didnt watch the video to long,but if you want to get big ,bigger then the motherfucker biggie smalls eat sum taro.Its pretty plain tasting.And also drinking potato shakes will get you there to.I remember when i use to do this f*ck i got fat lol and i could not breath hahaha,but i went to hard on that shit,remember everthing in moderation.And dont forget what our moms said to us eat ya fucken veges.keep it up mate.
  8. and some times i cant be fucked eating,cant be fucked chewing that food up haha ,i just blended up 2 cans of baked beans,and chucked in sum greens for my after training shake.Good protein good carbs and that tomato flavor what sick bastard dont like good old kiwi tommy sauce And i always feel like a homeless motherfucker while drinking it hahaha.But yea its cheap for a can of beans brothas.
  9. Go to jetts they have the hottess grannies ,hahahaha nah f*ck that,but those grannies though
  10. Big respects!!!!
  11. Mod edit - no sourcing.
  12. Hahaha hard bro,i always said my shakes smelt like a filthy whore
  13. Chur brothers for your input.HAHAHA yea that cheese will be tasty brotha,good stuff.Thats what i use to do was make my own,heres my recipe :) One can of tuna one huge table spoon of peanut butter oats and one big fat fucken potato (sumtimes i will have kumra insteed)Gota mix it up homies :) And one table spoon of olive oil And then put in blender with sum milk until its a drinkable lol.Theres been a couple of times i have spewed this vile shit up hahaha.Sum of the bros out there will say what a fucken waste of food and time ,why not just buy sum protein powder hahaha?Because i fucken love it,i have always been a sick c*nt.But straight up it worked.The last few days ive just been puting a can of baked beans in the blender and skulling that back,not to bad bros,cheap,good protein,and carbs,.Anyway since i started this post ive goten even fater haha,so i will stay away from the mass gainer for now.I just ordered sum synthasix protein.But i will try that cheese out sumtime.
  14. What everones favorite?the one that packs on the muscle.Inner armour mass peak,got real clean mass gains from it.Taste good to.Im needing sum mass gainer at the moment.Whats the best ones,so i can try sum new shit.And let us know if there any cheap inner armour mass gainer out there.Chur the boys!