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  1. Thyroid doctor auckland/northland

    Not at all ! My coach is fantastic and natural as am i- I'd like an accurate snapshot of my current metabolic standing after all I've been through. But thanks for your reply anyway
  2. Thyroid doctor auckland/northland

    to expand- pull up a chair ? a year ago I lost 27kg in 6 months which resulted in me having blue lips and being cold til 12pm accompanied with hairloss and inability to loose further weight went to see gp. They did general panel and free tsh which was within parameters. I then 2 weeks later developed chronic diarea .it went on for a year. I had colonoscopies which came back fine and gps said I had ibs and pretty much said see ya. So...... I hit the net and established thyroid down regulation gut link. I have spent a year repairing metabolism. I now am back on track and am working with an awesome coach but would like to make sure that if thyroid id underfunctioning it not slowing progress.ie muscle building & fat burning. I'm not going near my GP - as they simply had no inkling pulse was 41 temp was 73 .better now - but not ideal. Thus me seeking further advice
  3. Thyroid doctor auckland/northland

    Morning ladies I'm looking for a thyroid doctor who understands sports related issues and does full panel not just free tsh. I've banged my head against a wall over the last couple of years despite having other symptoms and GP only doing the basic and insisting that's ok and all that's needed. Thanks