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  1. Elbow problem

    I think I had this problem before I started lifting but it's gotten a lot worse it doesn't go away at all, my lower arm feels really stiff due to my elbow, most of the time my elbow locks up so I can only bicep curl half way have constant clicking and pain.. stops me from working out properly and I'm sick of it any ideas/help out therected
  2. Tren and test e availability?

    I did, just curious if the stuff is extinct or its worth trying to find it
  3. New to this forum I frequent bodybuilding.com but thought I'd try a nz site. Not asking where to get or anything but I'm just curious been working out for about a year now and am eager to try a cycle, how common is it to find roid's in nz or more specific hawkes bay? Do you order them from the dark net or buy them from local sources? What sort of prices are you looking at (sorry if I'm not aloud to ask that I wasn't sure) if any9ne could enlighten me that would be great!