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  1. appreciate the honesty bro. Have heard alot about it on youtube and figured it would help to try and incorporate it Yeah that's what I've been trying to do more (mostly on curls and squats more than anything), I just wasnt sure whether I was achieving it to the degree they talk about on vids. In trying to achieve it though I have found how off in technique I've been doing some things. Was getting sore biceps when doing Close Grip Underhand Pulldowns (still havent quite got these right but normal pulldowns have improved bigttime technique and feelwise thanks to knowing how off the other exercise was)
  2. haha I may hold that line of thinking, to be fair though, whilst I am just looking at giving it a go for the experience, if I do set my mind to it, I'll be focusing on bringing the best me, so I figure there will be quite a few things I don't know about what can help me, what I'm actually doing wrong, what I could be doing better etc, hence the coach aspect, but as you say, the only one you can look at if it doesn't go the way you want is yourself. That's a lot of dedication training and diet-wise to put towards a few minutes on stage to not get the result though right lol. Still I'm thinking I would like to try it, once I have the bigger things out of the way. Thanks for that though.
  3. Appreciated man, to be honest I'm not exactly the most outgoing person at the gym so talking to people I don't know (mostly the ones that clearly have been lifting for awhile), at the gym is not really me (forums clear that problem funnily enough), and as you say, I do enjoy the learning myself part of it. Know enough to realise the gains I have made have slowed due to the newbie phase being over more than the training I'm doing, and I haven't managed to hurt myself yet so I figure I'm doing okay. Will be asking alot more around that whole mind/muscle connection. I just haven't fully grasped it yet (I try and concentrate on what I'm working but I don't think I'm fully engaging yet).
  4. yeah I'm hearing that (the fiance also said it lol) Cheers man, yeah I've only tried eating clean this far but from what I've read and heard prep diet is a whole different ballgame so much agreed.
  5. Howsit all, So looking for any advice (or opinions even), on what I would need to look at foundation-wise before trying out for a first comp (just novice level - just to try it out for the experience). I wouldn't say I'm a beginner lifter but I'm certainly not advanced. Been lifting for a little over 3 years (first year and a half just dicking around, learning, trying to lose weight etc), after that started liking it more and more, and trying to progress now. Am looking at entering a comp just for the experience after a friend at the local supp store mentioned giving it a go. I know asking what kind of foundation should I have is a broad question (and I can't really concentrate on it fully this year with my wedding coming up a little over a year from now - can't pull the trigger fully until that is done obviously), but I workout 4-5 times a week as it is so I figured why not see what I can work on myself until I can fully commit to it. Also I know I need to look at a coach/mentor before I look at any form or prep but that comes with a cost I can't afford until the wedding is done also -again just looking for advice for things I can try and cover myself for the next year and a bit. I'm 42yo, 87kg, bf% was 14.5 a couple months ago when I was 86kg (have upped carbs since then - was doing bodybuilding.com challenges online). Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys
  6. I use the Bodyspace app. You can find a tonne of workouts from the bodybuilding.com site through it and log you workout out as you go.
  7. Tren and test e availability?

    Fair enough dude
  8. Tren and test e availability?

    Check the pinned post - 'Looking for steroids' brah
  9. D-Bal legal??

    Hahahahahahaha - when the sauce is not the problem lol
  10. D-Bal legal??

    Fair enough mate. I haven't really been lifting that long or seriously to know to be honest,and from what I've read I certainly don't make enough to try those 'other' supplements anyway lol. The beef on people who do though has always intrigued me. Like I know there's a difference between gear and supps but is there really in a sense?
  11. D-Bal legal??

    Okay so let me start by saying I'm not looking at a cycle given I'm not nearly anywhere near that level but upon reading through a few of these threads of cycles, and always wondering "what's the gripe really whether people do it or not" I ended up looking at gear in NZ somewhat and came across the crazybulk site, which definitely ticked the "sounds way to good to be true" box. Given the many I've already seen who ask here for their opinions I thought I would ask. All the reviews I read didn't really seem convincing and some had some serious grammar issues but I couldn't find any saying scam. Kinda wanted to know what the deal is with the whole for and against thing also. What's your opinion?
  12. Cool,thanks for the tip. Can I ask what stretches you actually do Bruce?
  13. Odd Lifts

  14. As well as working out I take it Bruce? Do you stretch before, intra or after?
  15. Cheers for the advice Pseudonym. Guess this explains why noone at the gym does it lol