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  1. Does Steve Orton have top 10 Olympia Potential?

    BIGMD, you maybe forgetting that you judged me in a wellington comp.... gave me a placing that not many people agreed with... does that make you a hater as well?? Does it make my opinion more valued now that you know I have donned the thong in battle? In a completely subjective sport there seems to be a lot of sensitive people. Maybe thats why I gave it away.... I wasn't sensitive enough. As someone that has been to an Olympia, that has been to more pro shows than most nz "pros" on here have competed in, I weighed in with my learned opinion. It seems many weren't ready for it. Therefore I will go back into the shadows before I hurt anymore feelings.
  2. Dan Green 375/235/370 raw plus @ 110kgs!

    Solid natural physique.
  3. Does Steve Orton have top 10 Olympia Potential?

    For his age he looks very good, but then again so did Trey Brewer. At present I'd say he's overtaken the likes of "pro's" such as Salah, Grant and bigmd. But is still light years behind the quality of Moe, Mike K and the Rainbow man.
  4. Gymrat's journey to the bodybuilding stage

    Must be time for some more progress pics gym rat
  5. Banned for two years

    Whats the moral of the story? If I'm ignorant I should be let off...?
  6. Body Transformation Advice

    You should post a before pic to get the best of our advices
  7. You're on your way gym rat. I was expecting to see something about this on 3 news tonight, but maybe they are still editing the footage?
  8. WOW looking for Muscle Men Character

    :oops: me too thought it'll be some kind of spam. reckon big GR should go for this he'll be in condition anyway seeing as it's only short while after his show later this year But do you think they could afford his appearance fee?
  9. Breaking News Gym Rat got on stage during 5pm Sh'bam

    [MOD EDIT: No offensive GIFs, please. People can Google Kai if they really want to see this.]
  10. Breaking News Gym rat might have sponsorship from ASN

    What entails "sponsorship" these days? I'd be interested to hear from those that are sponsored. Is it a tub of protein powder every month or is it more....
  11. 5 Months of MT (Squats)

    Awesome squattage there MT. Mean grinding that 220 up.
  12. CDPA Regional Champs 2013 Results

    Thanks TWL legend is right. Cheers NZMM :clap: about time for a Father and Son Come back? I'm an 85kg half marathon runner these days :pfft: The old man is back squatting big and must be due for a come back to the platform. I didn't make it down to THE HOUSE, but awesome coverage on the live stream :clap:
  13. Posing Trunks

    But they don't have sparkly thongs.... I said I would get you a sparkly thong for your comp, do you not want one now?
  14. CDPA Regional Champs 2013 Results

    OB and team always put on a great show. Looking forward to seeing some serious tin being thrown around
  15. 180kg dead lift

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