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  1. First cycle

    thanks for the tips. i just realized you're in europe though so that may play a role. i guess i'll give it a go though and hope for the best as i'm in a bit of a desperate spot.
  2. First cycle

    seotami do you have any idea what the success rate for products from a site like that getting through customs is? i want to know it's at least more than 50% before I try anything.
  3. Returned to NZ

    I second this
  4. Scam product site

    I'm in need of a new supplier too. If anyone knows anything I'd appreciate a DM too, cheers.
  5. i rung the clinic to find out when and where my next appointment with Chris Paltridge was and apparently he's not allowed to offer TRT any longer. i guess they're cracking down on private clinics.. now a lot of people are going to be forced to stop treatment cold turkey and will be stuck with nowhere to go as most endos and doctors would sooner offer euthanasia than hormone therapy. it was expensive but at least it was an option. i'd just started on undecenoate 1000 and i'm at the end of my 6th week now. f*ck.
  6. fishing for what exactly? it's just a simple question lol, chill. doctors aren't exactly eager to prescribe this stuff.
  7. they are prescription meds so i'd assume it's not allowed without a prescription.. but would they care enough to check if u have one or not? i've heard that stuff like nolvadex and clomid gets into aus. at worst i'd have to get the doc who's robbing me for TRT write out a letter or smth i guess. oh and also, what would happen if i got caught? anything of significance?
  8. yep but i didn't see another option as my test levels were only 90 year old levels so still technically 'normal'. maybe i'll get off it then hope my levels are even further tanked after and then i could try again for low levels and get subsidized + possibly better stuff through the system. otherwise there's importing it but we all know how tough customs are..
  9. it's costing me a fortune.. $90 per jab E14D. he said that since it was a private clinic it wasn't subsidized. on top of that i think this routine is far from optimal, so i was thinking hopefully i'd have an excuse to bring a bunch of stuff back from thailand or smth for personal use now but still probably not. would i be better to ask for reandron? i heard that it's more effective and requires less frequent injections. it may be more affordable too in that case. are these the only 2 forms prescribed here?
  10. thanks a lot for the kind advice, i feel very welcomed. the appointment went better than expected and after i explained my symptoms and what caused them (even if it is somewhat unknown why or what the original cause is but atrophy is usually irreversible and i don't want to fool around with the doctors anymore because they don't know what they're doing - i don't really blame them though it has been quite hard even for me to pinpoint and there's quite a lack of research in this area), and he started me on 250mg biweekly sustanon. my levels were still technically on the very low side of normal at like 350ng/dl or so, but as i'm sure you know just because it's normal doesn't mean it's actually normal.. the range is very wide and not adjusted for age so i had about the levels of a 90 year old when you really examine it. unfortunately i think the time for anything except the last resort is over, so i'll probably need to be on TRT till i drop dead now. it has certainly helped quite a bit with my symptoms even if i'm not in optimal health still, i think after i generally get my health back on track i should be okay.
  11. so i managed to start getting 250mg biweekly sustanon from NZ men's clinic in auck (recommend, the guy there's a bro), and was wondering if i could bring testosterone into NZ now from say thailand if i have a script? or will that not help?
  12. so i have an obvious case of low-T (all the symptoms) resulting from testicular atrophy (hence the name) which isn't the result of previous steroid use but of a medical condition (probably an infection of some sort). my doctor dismissed me and basically put it down to me not exercising enough (nevermind the fact exercising is almost impossible with this constant fatigue and overall weakness and the fact that she knows i have had testicle problems), and also the fact that my blood test came back with so called 'normal' results (which was something like 400 - but i'm sure it's dropped even lower since then and also i think free testosterone is more relevant in my case but i could be wrong). i found an endo in auck but the charge was like $400 which i didn't feel like forking out just to be rejected again due to not only the restrictiveness of the treatment in this country but the fact that i am relatively young at 21 and the treatment is generally seen as something for older men and it's like apparently health problems that cause low-T don't exist.. is NZ mens clinic legit by any chance? i have an appointment there in some days ($130) and don't know what to expect.. i fear in the end i'll have to end up moving to a place like thailand just to get sustained TRT.. but that has a lot of problems in itself. any help is appreciated as i'm mentally quite desperate at this point